Monday, December 8, 2014

Our Little Feast for Saint Nicholas

We started celebrating Feast days more intentionally last year. It has been such a gift to see the beauty our Faith has to offer throughout the year. I love how we pay mind to the sorrow as well as the joy, His death and His resurrection. Times for prayer, preparation, and waiting, as well as celebration and feasting.

It's been a year that has shown me that in diving into what our Faith has to offer, I've been able to grow more and more easily share our Faith with the boys. The Liturgical year keeps me/us mindful. If I didn't have this little guide, I'm pretty sure I'd be all over the place more than I already am!

Here's a quick synopsis of the wonderful saint we celebrated and a little of what he's known for.
As Bishop of Myra, Nicholas lived the qualities that caused his fame and popularity to spread throughout the Christian world. His vigorous actions on behalf of his people and in defense of the Christian faith reveal a man who lived his convictions. Nicholas was not timid—he did what was necessary and was not easily intimidated by others' power and position. His concern for the welfare of his flock and his stand for orthodox belief earned him respect as a model for bishops and a defender of the faith. 
source: St. Nicholas Center
St. Nicholas was not only an amazing defender of the faith but also a very generous man. He lost his parents at a young age and in turn obtained a great wealth. A wealth he insisted to give to all who needed. The story goes that St. Nicholas found out about a poor man who's daughters were condemned to prostitution if he was not able to pay their way out. In hopes to remain anonymous, St. Nicholas would drop bags of money through their open window. Some say the dowries landed in their shoes. The dowries allowed the women to marry rather than go into prostitution and stories of St. Nicholas' kindness continued and spread.

Now onto what our day of feasting and celebrating looked like.

St. Nicholas Eve: Husband and I wrapped a couple books for the boys and set them by some new house shoes we got for them.
I have been working on these sweet little gifts for our boys this last week. I got the idea from the lovely Lisa over at Catholic Missionary Family and decided I couldn't wait to get started on our own little collection of wooden saint dolls. Little wooden figures that have real-life adventure stories of heroism for our Faith. So exciting!
I stayed up way later than I should have but I just love how they turned out and honestly can't wait to make more!

St. Nicholmas Morning: Per Mary over at Domestic Apologist, I've been slipping some leftover candy corn into the pocket of the correct date each day. They boys now check this calendar all. day. long. for more candy corn!
 This is what they woke up to. Two books, house shoes, and wooden saint dolls.
I did Patron Saints (St. Joseph the worker and St. John the Evangalist), St. Nicholas, and Holy Mary Mother of God, because Christmas. ;)
 They were pretty excited and have been enjoying them since. So much so, they tend to fight over them. *womp womp*
Either way, I love how we can play with these little saints meanwhile continue learning about Jesus and how much these wonderful men and women who have gone before us loved and fought for Him!
Love this shot of the boys in their little house shoes! Linus absolutely loves his new shoes whereas Bigfoot just isn't interested. They slow him down from cheetah speed and anything that does that apparently does not make it onto his feet. My whole plan of slowing the little one who loves to run his little heart out inside our home that is not running-friendly so far isn't working. The little man hasn't been wearing the very shoes that would help him chill out in the indoor running department. Of course!
 They liked their books. Or at least they will. We got a classic and a St. Nicholas book.
I will say these boys were in a mood that morning. Or rather, my oldest was in a mood that he shared with his younger brother. At the end of it all, there's only so much we can do. Right?
I'm just glad that, after all the fussiness and moodiness, he told me he had fun and loved his new little wooden saint dolls (especially St. Nicholas, the one they've been fighting over). That made it all better as well as Dwija's post sharing about how all the fuss over instilling family traditions and feasts while the kids were little has grown into a beautiful family rhythm as the kids have gotten older.

Take away: Keep on keeping on in love.

St. Nicholmas Breakfast: 
Bishop canes and gold coins pancakes
Bacon canes
St. Nicholmas' beard eggs

Bigfoot kept asking me what the eggs were called since the other two pieces of our meal had a name. I just threw out St. Nicholas eggs. After thinking about it, I suppose it can be representative of his big white beard? Maybe?
While Linus was just happy to have pancakes and mooo up (signing Please)! Translation: More Syrup, please!!

St. Nicholmas Dinner and Evening:
We met up with some good friends that we haven't seen in what feels like forever. You know you really miss a family when you get back in your car after eating dinner with them and sighing to your husband while saying, Gosh, I really missed them!

We feasted together with them and their three daughters, who the boys adore, at a nearby burger joint that is awesome! Then went to Santa's Village. A ton of decorated houses, trees, and paths all for the kiddos to explore mixed with a lot of photo ops that I did not take advantage of because it was cold.
I tell you what though, it. was. packed! The boys weren't too crazy about the crowds (especially my oldest) much less the costumed characters. 
 So we left after visiting three little houses to go to a nearby ice cream place. Ice cream for all to finish our feast day was perfect.
 Despite the fussy, the moods, and the crowds, we had such a good day! I loved being able to make the little wooden saint dolls for my boys and love that they've been enjoying them since. In fact, you can expect a whole little post on those little dolls that have been a sort of prayer for me during my evenings.

So thankful for Feast days, for saints who help us to know and love God more, and for my little family that I get to celebrate it all with. Also, so thankful that we got to share a feast day with friends. Feasting with friends and family is just so much more fun! 

What fun did you have on St. Nicholas' Feast day? What fun stories and/or special traditions do you and your family have?


  1. Bishop cane pancakes with gold coins! Love it!! :)

    1. Haha, thanks Mary! We keep it easy like that ;)

  2. The peg dolls are awesome. I love that Baby Jesus has a red sash. I adore making ones for my girls. We did a saint peg doll exchange last year with friends, so we have a good collection now.

    1. Thanks, Ann-Marie! So neat you have so many! I just discovered them back in August and just love them! I've never done an exchange but that sounds fun too!

  3. Their happy and excited faces are beautifully captured in your photos!

    1. Ha, they were fleeting that morning, Jenny, so I'm glad I caught them on photo too! ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Bonnie! I loved your recent Advent to-do post - especially how y'all go see Christmas lights on the feast of St. Lucia! So perfect!


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