Monday, May 4, 2015

the present moment // magical monday

Drinking: Magical Coffee. It truly is magical and if you have yet to make it. Anything with brown sugar, cinnamon, coffee, and ease should be on your regular rotation! Get on it!

Sitting: In my dining room at our table. Enjoying some quiet while the boys nap. They'll be up shortly.

Working on: Lots of little and big things. We found a leak that needs tending to (womp womp), little DIY projects I want to get started for the boys, sewing all the things (Family, if you have any questions as to what to get me every, think fabric store gift cards, please. Wink, wink.), feeling better, keeping the rest of my family from catching what I caught, laundry (ohhhh, the laundry!), and being present.

In the Kitchen: We'll be having baked chicken, sweet potatoes (can't decide if I'll do stovetop or baked), and broccoli for dinner tonight.

Enjoying: The slightly slower pace that comes with sickness and new months.

Looking forward to: My husband's birthday and my parents coming to town.

Loving: Sewing. Who would have thought I would enjoy it so much? Now to just get better at it so I can make all the little things my heart desires!

Also loving the beautiful weather we had this weekend. It was gorgeous! And even though I was sick, the little bits of fresh air I went out to enjoy were heavenly.

Thinking about: family, how to be better, how to better meet the needs of my children, all we have to look forward to throughout the rest of this year, gratitude for family and friends, how quickly these sweet boys God shared with us are growing, if and when God will share another sweet little life with us, staying healthy, gratitude for how far I've come since my back injury, how I so much want to become more organized and diligent in my daily to-dos, how much I love my husband, and my boys, and where we are.

Remembering: This fun memory these sweet boys had with their paternal grandparents.

Which Reminds Me: I haven't shared maternal grandparent time from Christmas or a few other pics from Easter on this little online space of mine. Noted!

Reading: Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery, Redeemed by Grace by Ramona Trevino, and still reading The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Wishing: I hadn't gotten sick because then I could have met up with Joanna from Cafe Du Martin over the weekend for a little mommy/friend/blogging-fun time and because the boys and I could be having all the playdates and fun we normally have during our regular week. But instead, sickness it was, and quarantine has been the name of the game.

Playing: Bigfoot has been all about being outside from sun up to sun down if it were up to him, enjoying all things sports-related. Linus will follow suit to play a little sports and then proceed to examine and explore the world of bugs. When I can convince them inside is fun too, they both enjoy snuggling up to read, playing with playdoh, and Linus will draw for hours if I let him, while Bigfoot will make some sort of catapult out of all the random things he can find. Then there are all these new little imaginary games they've been engaging in with each other that are just plain adorable.

Smelling: Absolutely nada! No thank you, yucky cold that has me all stuffy and coughy.

Hoping:  To make more time to share. I have a few little posts to share this week and the next and want to work on a few more thoughtful ones. For now, I'm just praying for the time and the grace.

Thankful for: A roof over our heads, a job that my husband enjoys, a vocation that I prayed for, grace, and for my hope in the Lord. When I start feeling like I'm losing my footing or can't make sense of something, I remind myself to have hope. He who is greater than all my worries or anxieties or struggles loves myself and my family more than I'll ever understand here on earth. There truly is such peace in that truth. A truth I am trying to rest in daily.

Relishing: That I got to squeeze this little Monday post in during naptime!


  1. I recently re-discovered my love for sewing as well! Now that I have a dedicated space for it, tiny though it may be, I really look forward to any increments of time that I can work on a project. I find it so relaxing and even if all I can fit in are a few stitches at a time, I feel so accomplished. Plus it's just fun to explore and daydream about sewing projects on Pinterest! ;)
    "Anne of Green Gables" is one of my top 'go-to' re-eads if I can't find anything else that interests me at the library.
    Really enjoying your blog as well and, especially after reading this post, finding we have a lot in common!
    Hope you feel better soon. It's always refreshing to get back to your regular routine after sicknesses!

    1. Yay Sewing!!! I don't have a dedicated space for it. That would be so nice to have a little corner! I'm going to get started on sewing an easy, peasy quilt for my grandma! If it's not a disaster, I'll share :) And Yay Anne with an E! That really is the nicest thing of you to say about my little space! I've been enjoying yours too! Yay for encouragement and new friends :)

  2. Okay, I love this coffee! Thanks for the tip - I've been drinking it all week and it's delicious!

    1. So delicious, isn't it!??? It's a serious favorite over here. I just never make enough at a time since I use my french press. Wish I made it by the gallon lol So glad you've been enjoying it!

  3. Can't wait to try the coffee!! And how funny, I'm also reading Anne of Green Gables. I've never read it before!
    What are you going to sew next?

    1. Try it! You'll love it! It's a taste of Christmas that just makes sense in the summer and in the winter (for some reason I crave it in the colder seasons too). Love, love, love Anne of Green Gables! It's such a delight to read! And I just bought fabric for a quilt for my grandma. She's made them for me throughout my life. I can't wait!!!


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