Sunday, October 11, 2015

wiws // sillies, chucks, and a vintage bumpdate

We'll start with the boys this fresh and lovely Sunday for a round of What I Wore Sunday!

First off, chucks! I loved chucks when I was younger and love them now. Only, while the boys have a pair each, I have yet to purchase some for myself since I retired my last pair (A problem I've been trying to remedy for the last year! Whyyyyy have they gotten to be so expensive?!). 
Anywho, I know my time will come. I just heart them too much! But, till that time, the boys can happily sport theirs and look pretty stinkin' cute while doing it!
So much cuteness! It's been awhile since I got both of them smiling straight on, much less wearing the same stuff. We don't do that often. You know, the whole matchy thing. Obviously it does happen from time to time and well, it happened today.
These little guys are full of silly faces.
 And sweetness.
And did I mention, handsome-ness? I'm glad I can capture this goodness on my camera every once in awhile! It's these very faces that share a sweet little light with my heart that is just so warm and all things needed!

Now for some Precious P. All 26 weeks of him or her.

 What say you? Boy or girl?
 We'll find out come Precious P's birthday whether he is a he or she is a she.
 Meanwhile, I'll just be sittin' comfy in this cozy maternity steal.


Also sharing the first reading from Mass today because I kind of loved it.

Wisdom 7: 7-11
"I prayed, and prudence was given me;
I pleaded, and the spirit of wisdom came to me.
I preferred her to scepter and throne,
and deemed riches nothing in comparison with her,
nor did I liken any priceless gem to her;
because all gold, in view of her, is a little sand,
and before her, silver is to be accounted mire.
Beyond health and comeliness I loved her,
and I chose to have her rather than the light,
because the splendor of her never yields to sleep.
Yet all good things together came to me in her company,
and countless riches at her hands."

No thoughts to share. Just the reading. Lots of thoughts can be had from these words and I'm pretty sure I'm still sorting through my own!

Pray your Sunday is beautiful and good!


  1. Your boys are getting so big, and you are just gorgeous!!

  2. Love that dress on you! And that first picture is so sweet (they all are!!). The boys are looking so big! Yesterday I was thinking baby is a boy but I don't know…today I'm thinkin' girl. I am very very bad at these predictions, though!

  3. You look so precious. Your bump is adorable. I love that you are waiting to find out.

  4. Love that dress! What a great maternity find - you look so lovely :)


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