Saturday, October 24, 2015

childhood // bigfoot turned four

This little face turned four over the summer. My heart and mama-brain are still trying to wrap around the reality of this incredible little soul we are blessed and honored to call our son.

He came into the world with the sweetest temperament and it's been such a gift to be able to see his little light grow and change over these last years. Seeing the love that he is capable of is inspiring.
This little guy loves hard. 

He cares.

He is such a good brother. And even though they get into little tifts here and there, he really does cherish his younger sibling. A ton!
I love their love and brotherhood. It's one of the most beautiful things I've been privileged to see as their mother. The way they look for each other and miss each other when they're apart is the sweetest and as much as their rambunctiousness can get them hurt or in trouble on the regular, the fun, silliness, and laughter that always is being had is always worth it.

He also couldn't be more excited about our newest addition who will be here in January!

Is she here yet, mama? She's taking so long! Why?

(While at his homeschooling academy morning prayer) Pray for my baby sister in my mama's tummy.

He is sure that our newest little sweet is a sister. We'll see if this little desire of his comes to fruition come winter.
He loves the ocean. So much.

And music. 
Guitars, drums, and singing happen on the daily with this little guy. Whether he's in the bathroom making up random songs with his random thoughts or he's in the playroom trying to play along to whatever music we have playing, music fills him.
 As does dancing.
 And making up little stories for pretend or storytelling time.
 Oh! and, our pup! Boy does he adore our little pup! So so so so so so so so very much!
He adores his family, both immediate and extended. His favorite times are trips to grandparents houses, to the ocean, and trips made with dear friends.

His friends...he loves them beautifully too. He tells me so often.

Hey mama, you know so-and-so, I love them. They are my friends and I love them.
His daddy. Goodness does he love his daddy.

Where's daddy? Can we go see daddy? Will daddy come for lunch today? Mama, daddy works very hard. I love him.
This boy - he adores his father.
Adventure lights up his little heart and his beautiful brown eyes.

Playing hard is all he knows. It gets him in trouble often, but I also know it is a strength of his that will blossom in amazing ways come with age.
Sports are his happy place. All the sports. There isn't one that he hasn't taken interest in. There isn't one he hasn't claimed to someday play professionally.
In fact, we took him to a baseball game for his birthday.

Mama, this is the best day of my lifffeeeee EVER!
He knows professional players by name. He gets excited over everything during football games, baseball games, tennis matches, and more.

Did you see that play??!! He hit it out of the park! He did! He did it!!!!
He got a wooden bat and helmet that he can handle as if he were an 8 year old. It's pretty insane. His natural inclination and talent for these games are exciting only because we can see how much they excite his little heart.

Daddy, can we play with my wooden bat and ball tonight? Can we? I'll show you some solid hits! Remember that time I hit it so hard it went straight at you and far!? Remember, daddy? I can do it again!
Energy for days does this boy have. Outside twice a day sometimes three times doesn't come near exhausting him.
He has a grateful heart in a little four year old kinda way. 

{Out of no where and regularly} Mama, I love you. 

Hey Linus, I love you.

Daddy, let's play MouseTrap!? Can we?

Did you pray for baby?? Don't forget to pray for baby!

Togetherness and closeness is his love language. He's been a snuggler from the beginning and I love seeing how it has transformed into his love for togetherness, family, and friendship over the years.
Donut cakes are his thing and may continue to be for years to come. This mama is a fan because these donut cakes are something simple and delicious!
Me. He loves me something fierce. I see it in his eyes. I feel it in his snuggles, hugs, and kisses. And I hear it in his sweet little thoughts and words.

Mama, I love you.

Mama, do you need to rest. Are you okay?

Mama, I'm sorry for not listening. Can I tell you sorry and give you a kiss?

(During family prayer) I'm thankful for time with Mama today. 

He has a smile that lights you up. It's full of genuine goodness and can warm anyone's heart - even if he's being on the mischievous side.
He loves being loved. I us, the children of Our Lord, in this part of him. His little heart just looks for all the love to be had and obviously and outwardly just wants to soak it all up. It's a beautiful thing to see the goodness and simplicity of it.
This little guy is smart. I know all parent's think their kiddos are smart, so just toss me into that pool. I especially love discovering the tidbits of information his brain absorbs that I thought it surely had missed.

He's managed to learn at least three new poems this first year of homeschooling as well as memorize oodles of fun songs. It's lovely, beautiful, and good. It also makes me more excited for all the fun that is to come in this department.
His nickname on the blog has always been Bigfoot for good reason. This little-big guy has lived up to it in heart, mind, body, and soul these last four years. He has a heart so much bigger than I could have imagined, his little mind is always on the scurry to grow bigger so that it can take in as much knowledge as he can about this great big world that he is in, he somehow has managed to be the youngest in his homeschooling co-op but also one of the tallest, and his big and beautiful soul teaches me more and more how to be better and good for our little family and others. 
Despite, his stretching, energy for days, and new-found testing abilities that may drive me nut-so sometimes, this boy is good to the core and it's such a gift to be able to know, love, and serve him in our little family.

Happiest of (belated) birthdays, Bigfoot! You are very very very very very loved by your mama, daddy, brother, and soon to be new little sibling. Thank you for the gift of you, sweet love!


  1. Oh my, he is SO sweet. What a love you guys have for each other. Happy belated birthday to that precious boy!

    1. I do love this little guy tons! And he is pretty good at sharing love too. Thanks for the belated birthday Mary :)

  2. Oh I'm so excited to see how he loves on this new baby! It's amazing how tender and sweet boys can be :) Happy birthday to Bigfoot!

    1. Thanks, Rosie! I can't even believe he's 4. Especially because he keeps talking about wanting to be a teenager and/or that he's already 5. :P Stinker.


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