Thursday, October 1, 2015

Little Mission of Love

A L S O, on this special Feast of St. Therese I wanted to drop back in for a quick share!

Have you heard of Dolls from Heaven? They are a new company with a beautiful saint doll coming out this November. I imagine you can guess which saint I am talking about given my last post!


What an absolutely lovely gift this would be for a little girl! As much as I heart these dolls, given I have two boys, I am also excited about the line-up of saint dolls that are yet to come! St. Francis of Assisi! St. John Paul II! So not just dolls that inspire our daughters to enjoy a faith-filled young girl who gave her life to Christ, but also inspiring male saints who can encourage our boys!

If you head over to their site for a purchase, starting today (On the Feast of Sweet St. Therese, of course!) through to October 3rd, the St. Therese doll will be 25% off! Do take advantage if you are at all interested! These dolls are really lovely and I just love that they have St. Therese's Sunday Best outfit, her habit, a few other accessories such as a rosary, holy card, and mantle to add, as well as, a book that mirrors A Story of a Soul for young ones!

The mission and work of the Kicsek family really is beautiful so I'm just thankful I had an opportunity to share it with y'all! And, at the very least, let's keep them in our prayers. It is a lovely mission that helps orient our little playing ones towards all that is True, Beautiful, and Good.

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Happy Feasting!

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