Friday, July 29, 2011

My Dearest Geekman <3

Let married people remain on their cross of obedience, which is in marriage. It is the best and most practical cross of them and one of the most demanding, in that there is almost continual activity – and occasions of suffering are more frequent in this state than in any other. Do not desire, therefore, to descend from this cross under any pretext whatever. Since God has placed you there, remain there always. - Francis de Sales

My dearest GeekMan and I definitely had quite the journey during the delivery of our lil’ Bigfoot.  The reason I chose this quote is because my GeekMan did remain there always. He had to endure so much watching me go through the suffering that was part of our labor experience, meanwhile not being able to make it stop. I saw it in his eyes every time things got tough, but I also saw the Faith and Strength that God was sharing through him to me during different times of need. His eyes were steady, his strength was steady, his love in every moment we endured was constant.  All these things are what kept me going throughout our 51 hours of labor and delivery. Geekman was Christ to me in a very special way during the birth journey of our first born. He was that Christlike presence to me in a way we had both never experienced before. He pursued my best interest with courage. He made prayerful decisions that were hard to make at different times. He remained by me during my most difficult suffering, smiled with me during the exciting times, cried with me during the challenging and joyful times and so much more. All these gifts that he imparted to his wife (little me) then and as well as everyday since then in big and small ways are what have kept me positive and steadfast during these weeks of recovery.

So, my dearest GeekMan, I love you more than I will ever be able to communicate to you. Thank you for the amazing husband you are. And, Thank you for the amazing father you are. Your amazing husband and father status are quite the gift to give to our lil’ Bigfoot and to me <3


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