Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years ago...

10 years ago I was waking up in my dorm room to go to my 8AM class. My radio alarm went off and I heard of the attacks. I then immediately turned on the TV only to watch the second crash. Everything seemed so surreal. I managed to eventually get dressed and went to my 8AM class a bit late only to be released due to the tragedy that was taking place on American soil.

I immediately returned to my dorm and was glued to the tv with tears streaming continuously. I made phone calls to my family who were away all the while being thankful that my best friend from back home was my roommate. She was a piece of home during this difficult time.We went about our day in a fog, trying to comprehend the reality that was before us.

My prayers are with all those who lost their lives that day and the families who had to endure the terrible suffering that plagued our eyes and hearts that day.

I will never forget.


What were you doing that day?

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