Thursday, November 29, 2012

Early Days

My precious Sweet P,

We knew...we just knew that you were with us from the very beginning, which was such a gift and blessing. It just so happened that you were probably very newly conceived during our trip for Uncle A and Uncle Godfather's graduation back at the end of May. Your presence with us explained why Mama wasn't feeling well throughout the weekend. During the drive I would credit my nausea or fatigue to the windy roads and all that we were doing that weekend, but in the back of my mind I thought it may have been because of you.

The following weekend (a week after your conception), at the very start of your life, Daddy, Mama, and Big brother went down to the valley and made a quick stop in Corpus on our way back home during the weekend. A main reason we were making the trip south was because our friend was being ordained a priest and we did not want to miss such an amazing time in his life. Honestly, Sweet P, that weekend was filled with such gift because of our dear friend. His ordination was one of the most beautiful events we have witnessed to date filled with such amazing Grace and Goodness, and we were so happy to share it with you and Bigfoot.

After Fr. Andy's amazing ordination, he gave his first blessings. We all waited in line anxiously to be blessed by our friend, the newly ordained priest. As he was giving us our blessing, we mentioned to him that you were with us, and he included you in that beautiful experience. Sweet one you have been blessed in a special way, as have Daddy, Mama, and Seph, and for that we will always be grateful to Fr. Andy.

Words really cannot express the overwhelming beauty that we saw that weekend, but we are so grateful that our hearts were there to witness Our Lord's goodness, joy, and love through our dear friend. Fr. Andy was glowing. He was radiating a peace that made me shed tears of joy. I thank God for picking such an amazing servant. So grateful that we were able to be at the first Mass he presided over (again, no words can express the goodness and joy that flowed). And finally, I am so thankful to God for sharing Fr. Andy with our little family.

Dearest Sweet P, your early days were a gift. Thank you for joining us when you did. Thank you for sharing the signs that you did with Mama, so that she could know you were with us. And, thank you for being so sweet!


PS Sweet one, I'll try to recap our pregnancy thus far on a week to week to do. I marked it all in our calendar, so I just need to sit down and get to it :)

"The priestly vocation is essentially a call to sanctity, in the form that derives from the Sacrament of Holy Orders.  Sanctity is intimacy with God; it is the imitation of Christ, poor, chaste and humble; it is unreserved love for souls and self-giving to their true good; it is love for the church which is holy and wants us to be holy, because such is the mission that Christ has entrusted to it.  Each one of you must be holy also in order to help your brothers pursue their vocation to sanctity." -Blessed John Paul ll (Rome, Italy, October 9, 1984)

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