Friday, April 11, 2014

7QT: Reasons we heart Nana

--- 1 ---
Nana plays with us. She reads to us.
And, loves to spend time with us!

--- 2 ---
Her excitement is encouraging.
Makes us feel good about ourselves.
In turn, building our confidence. We can achieve anything!

--- 3 ---
We see the joy in her face when she's with us.
It's not something you can fake.
The authentic joy is good for her soul and for ours too.

--- 4 ---
She's there for us.
No matter what. And, we're grateful!

--- 5 ---
We love Nana hugs!
They're the best and feel oh-so-sweet!

--- 6 ---
Nana, through her actions, teaches us what love looks like. We're grateful to have her in our lives and to be on the receiving end of what her heart has to share!

--- 7 ---
Nana you are so many things to us! The week you spent here was amazing! Our new home went from a house just bought to a home within the week because of all you did.

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!
(And, thank you Papa Ram for sharing her with us for a whole week!!!)


We love you!

You were missed the moment we dropped you off.


We can't wait to have you back again (with Papa this time!)!

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