Saturday, May 3, 2014

7QT: Banana suit entry, Edel, Mass, & Sleep

First off, there are so many exciting things happening this year! Pope St. John Paul II!!! Amazing! Pope St. John XXII!!! Double Pope Amazing! And, Jen's new book release for Something Other Than God! YAY!

If you've never heard of the book, check out the book trailer below! Yes, a book trailer! The book is so wonderful it has it's own trailer! Nuff said!

And, if you've never heard of Jen Fulweiler or her blog Conversion Diary, I encourage you to get to her site and click around! Her blog was the very first blog I ever followed and I'm so very grateful that I did! 

This blog journey has been such a gift! Not only to keep family and friends up to date with all our to-do's but also in letting me find this beautiful community of mama bloggers that have been so encouraging and wonderful!

St. Catherine of Sienna, ora pro nobis!

-- 3 ---
Speaking of the wonderful Catholic mama blogger community, I'm going to EDEL!!!!!!! AHHHHHH! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!
I still can't believe I get to meet so many wonderful people and share in fellowship, fun, and margaritas! If you missed how I came about finding out about my Edel tickets so late in the game, I wrote about it here. It's kind of epic. For me, anyways. Let's just say I have a very sneaky and wonderful man in my life. True story.

And, speaking of blogging, I have been so random! My toddler has regressed in the sleep department which does not make it easy when my newly toddling toddler has never been great in the sleep department to begin with. These past two weeks have been pretty tough. The kind that I hope no one remembers years down the way especially the toddlers. As much as I try to get us out and about enjoying the sun and all that goodness, when they fight naps and bedtime I crumble. I crumble quick. Which is why I could relate so much with Christy's at Fountains of Home's recent post.

On the happy side of this week, the boys and I made it out to daily Mass on Tuesday. It was such a gift and so refreshing. The boys did pretty well too! I was completely impressed and grateful for the Graces from Above!

Hoping to make it to Mass twice next week. With all the sleep problems and my potential to crumble, I'm in need for more nourishment.

--- 6 ---
Another goal for next week is to write my birthday post for Linus, share some fun photos from Easter, hopefully join the fun G.K. Chesterton link-up I've been enjoying, keep up with WIWS, and share some more fun photos from our visit from Uncle A and Rebekah. Phew! Okay, written out that sounds like a lot. Praying the boys have some nice afternoon sleepy time next week so I can try and have some fun blog time. It really is refreshing and fun!
Okay, I made it to 7! Here's a sneak peak of a sweet birthday post that is yet to come!
Linus is our Champion Pick-A-Boo-er. He's also a lover of celery and all things spaghetti!

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


  1. Aw, you're so blessed to get to go to Edel. (Jealous.) ;-) Kudos for getting to Mass. That's big' have a great week. :-)

  2. Blogging has been such a gift in my life too. I'm actually planning to write about the whole how I got into blogging and why I love it saga for my one year blogging anniversary next week. I can't believe it has already been a year! Anyway, sorry about the lack of sleep... that is the worst! Hope it gets better for you soon!


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