Saturday, August 29, 2015

23/52 // buzzy-cuts

Ha! I know. I know! 23/52? Shouldn't I be posting 34/52?

See, this post has been in my drafts since the start of the summer. Now that I'm a good 10 weeks behind on Project 52: Weekly portraits of my little buds, I figured I'd put this draft to good use!


Look who's ready for summer!!

The boys got their first buzzy-cuts this past weekend. Only that last sentence would have been true way back in early June. Sorry for the confusion, but goodness how time has flown! 
A little snack and some Paw Patrol and we had some pretty happy campers.

And, can I just say, why didn't anyone tell me of the ease of these boy buzzcuts!!??? Oh my goodness, my world has changed!

Buzzcuts forever if I have any say about it all! Or at least, as long as we are saloning it up in our home.

There is an incredible ease to these cuts for our boys! Plus it keeps their tops more airy. And if you have boys, you know what I'm talking about! More hair (especially if it's thick!) just makes for one sweaty hot mess, whether you are running outside or napping in the cool indoors.

We've had buzz-cuts all summer. The boys love them. We love them. Daddy is becoming a pro at cutting them and all is well!

Get ready for some random updates and me trying to catch up on that Project 52! I want to remember all the things, so I will be putting forth the effort!

Hope I don't bore y'all too much!


  1. Not boring; charming! I buzz cut my husband's hair. Cutting outside makes it even easier to clean up!

    1. Yay for not boring! My husband does not have buzz-friendly hair so I he goes somewhere for his fancy. As for the boys, we will definitely be taking it outside! I think we did it once before, but can't remember why we didn't continue on that route? On it for next time, because cleaning up all the little hairs isn't very fun.

  2. I cut my husband's and all three of my boys' hair. It saves time and money!

    1. It really does save time and money! So much! I was mostly on top of giving our boys bowl cuts lol but the buzz is just so much better! And the clippers are just so foreign to me I'm glad my husband took the reigns on that! ;) Maybe someday I'll get up the nerve to figure them out and just do it! I'm sure once I do I'll see how silly I was for not giving it a go sooner. For now, I'll chalk it up to daddy/son time :)


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