Monday, October 19, 2015

guest post // patron saint series: St. John the Beloved for boys

My heart grew for the saints while I was in college. I was soaking up as much as I could about this faith that I was raised in. I loved it! Reading, reading, and reading some more as well as joining Catholic groups and ministries through our vibrant parish.

During my freshman year, I joined the on-campus bible study. It was such a gift! We were reading the gospel of John and I fell in love. Not only did I fall in love with his quiet but beautiful spirit and stunning way with words and storytelling, but I fell in love even more with my Savior through the eyes of His Beloved Apostle.

Because of St. John's beautiful fidelity and love for Our Lord, my heart stirred. He pointed to Christ in such a way I could feel the warmth and love my Savior had for me in a new way. It was all kinds of fantastic and romantic!


Read the rest over at Gina's from Someday Saints and find out how this beloved saint made his way back into my heart and into our little family!

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