Wednesday, October 5, 2016

{#write31days - day 5} what are we waiting for?

"Come then, beloved souls, let us run, let us fly to this ocean of love that calls us.

What are we waiting for?"

-Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade, Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence

There was a hay-maze at the pumpkin farm we visited this past weekend. I love how the boys eyed it down and then quickly got to work with such abandon.

 Casually they walked through. Spy those hands in pockets? Side by side they adventured.

Our fearless leader took charge without hesitation. He continued to lead us through and any time he met a dead-end, he just turned around and kept going. Wonderfully, his trusty side-kick of a brother encouraged and cheered him all the way through.

Finally, the end was in site. The path had been made known and seeing how excited these two were to complete the giant maze was full of gift.
See that side-tilt-yah-I-just-did-that-I'm-so-awesome face below?
 Front view with hands still in pocket.
They went through the maze with such confidence, seeking fervently for the end. I loved their sense of adventure. They didn't wait around at the entrance to begin, to move forward. They entered and kept their eyes onward.

Similarly, when facing the Will of God, I wish I could enter into it with such surrender and trust! Nothing else in the moment but what's in front of me...always moving forward while keeping an inner peace of confidence in knowing an ocean of love awaits me every single time.

Instead of hesitation, confidence.

Instead of fear, courage.

Instead of anxiety, peace.

Instead of constant attempts at control, complete surrender and abandon.

What are we waiting for? Love awaits!


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