Friday, August 2, 2013

3-2-1: Thankful

Joining the 3-2-1 fun over at Suscipio. It's one of those days, refocusing on things I'm thankful for along with some fun is needed!

3 things I am thankful for…
::I'm thankful for Sister Kathleen. Dear Sister has had a very rough 2013. She broke her ankle back in January and had to have surgery and recovery for that only to fall and break her hip in March. I spoke with her yesterday to find out that she had been back in the hospital battling an infection for about three weeks. I'm thankful for her beautiful and Christ-like presence even in the midst of struggle. She has been an amazing blessing to me and my family. The two years of spiritual direction with her were a gift that I am forever grateful for.

Praying she recovers quickly and that our Precious Savior holds her close during these trying days of recovery.
::I'm thankful for coffee. Coffee is my friend.
::And, lastly, I'm thankful for opportunity. The opportunity that knocks on my face every morning to start new. All I need to do is greet it with a thankful heart. Lord, help me! Because my daily opportunities are typically greeted with a disheveled, sleepy, groan that says, "Please come back in an hour...or two."
Thank goodness opportunity is persistent, forgiving, and knocks on my husbands face too. He's been responding amazingly to it, and for that I am so incredibly thankful and proud. I hope to follow in his footsteps with God's grace and Eli sleeping better.

2 of my favorite  songs (1 secular, 1 religious)
 ::Free by Zac Brown Band
::A Mother's Song by Danielle Rose

1 thing I wish were in my fridge right now…
::Steak! A frozen margarita made just right! And some fixings! nom-nom!
Well, I suppose that is more than one thing, but they all go together. So we'll just say they are my one thing.

Thanks for the perspective and fun, Jenni!


  1. I love Free as well. I'm not sure I know A Mother's Song, but I'm a big Danielle Rose fan, so maybe I know it, just not by name? Getting ready to click over and listen. One of my favorites from her is The Saint that is Just Me.

    1. A Mother's Song is just beautiful! I hope you enjoyed it! And yes, The Saint that is Just Me is also great. Danielle Rose has such a gift that has given us so many beautiful treats!


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