Monday, August 12, 2013

Mystery Ingredient Monday: Blueberries!

A friend of mine made these incredibly delicious, non-dairy, little treats in the form of sandwiches. Seeing how we are now about 90% dairy-free in this home due to my oldest having a dairy and soy intolerance and his little brother decidedly following directly in his big brother's footsteps (as indicated by him not being able to tolerate the little that he would get from my breast-milk), these goodies were right up our little alley.

On a side-note, before I get to the yummy sandwiches and our blueberry goody, the non-dairy changes haven't been too horrible. I've even lost a good 5 lbs of post baby weight since passing on almost all dairy! Woohoo, me and my squishy mid-drift! At this point, the only dairy item I am having is my coffee creamer. I have no qualms with getting a dairy-free creamer, I just haven't come across one at our grocery store. But, when I make the magic coffee mentioned in this post, all I have to do is add a little rice milk to taste and then sip on an absolutely divine cup o' joe.

Side note continues: I  will say that the most difficult part about passing on dairy has been saying "no" to BLUE BELL ICE CREAM! If you are from Texas or have been to Texas at all and tried this amazingness, you would understand my pain. It seems they have been having these incredible sales on their tubs since we've stopped with the dairy. And, oh how it hurts my ice-cream-lovin' heart to pass it up every. single. time. 

Ok, enough about me missing Blue Bell (Oh, and cheese! But we don't need to get into that one too.) and onto the yummy sandwiches in the form of pictures with some notes.

Apples! Slice them up! Get your Mayo and cinnamon out, some turkey, salad, and the croissants you decided to grab while at the grocery store.
Mayo first, then cinnamon, followed by the apple slices. Apparently the slices being on top of the mayo with cinnamon enhances the flavors (per the person my friend asked at the restaurant she got these gems at).
Apple slices! My apples were the little granny smith ones. Next time I make these I'd like to grab a bigger apple and cut my slices a bit thicker. More flavor!
Throw on some turkey, some spinach leafs or spring mix (it's what we had) and TADA! Husband approved!

Now for the blueberries! Quick, simple, and yummy!
Spring salad mix, blueberries (We just bought some from the farmers market and they are delicious!), almond slivers, topped off with a spicy honey mustard dressing. All I can say is that this toss up is a good idea.

Thanks, Morgan, for introducing these delicious little sandwiches!

Linking up with Housewifespice for Mystery Ingredient Monday! And, seeing how I cook often and love to bake, I hope to share some more goodies on a more regular basis. Yay, food!


  1. I'm coming over for lunch! Next week's link up is hosted by Tasha. Thanks for participating! Cheese and ice cream, you poor thing! Haagen Daaz makes a great dairy free chocolate sorbet.

  2. Thanks for having me! I'll be on the lookout for Haagan Daaz next grocery trip. A friend recently told me about Breyer's having something too. And if you knew my tastebuds on the day-to-day, cheese and ice cream (Blue Bell awesomeness especially) are always typical requests. For now, if it keeps baby a happy nurser I'm in (well, about 90% since I allow for little bites here and there).


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