Friday, August 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday: 3-2-1 and some!

3 Things I Am Thankful For
::I'm thankful for my husband planning a date night to celebrate our engagement anniversary (yup, we do this, and it's great!). I get to have the steak and margarita I was wanting in this post! Woohoo! And, as excited I am about eating out with the hubster, I am most excited to spend some QT with him! EXCITED!!

::Seeing how Bigfoot isn't old enough to hold down the fort, we are so very thankful for our friends who will be watching Bigfoot and Linus! We're hoping to squeeze in a dessert too, but we'll see how Linus does. Our friends, God-sends, I tell you! They seriously have no idea how they are blessing us!!

::Lastly, I'm thankful that things are starting to come together! The past few weeks-month, I have been an absolute hot mess! But things are calming down a little. I'm getting a little more sleep and feeling slightly more normal on the day-to-day. Wahoo! Mama feeling slightly more normal ForTheWin!

2 of My Favorite Sounds
::Love, LoVe, LOVE hearing my boys laugh. It's the best sound EVER!

::My next favorite sound would be the sound of quiet stillness. It's a good sound. I do miss it. Whether it be the quiet stillness of outside, in a home, at a retreat, or in front of the blessed sacrament, all very nourishing.
1 of My Favorite Smells
::Breastfed baby's breath!!!
Now that I'm done with my 3-2-1, let's see what I can fill these quick takes with. As I mentioned in QT#1, things have been hectic, changing, busy, exhausting, and rejuvenating. Lots has happened and lots more is to come. I'll probably be sharing all of it in more detail in the next few months, but since things are still in the works, all I'll do now is ask for your prayers.
Can I just say, I love my husband. He is pretty amazing. When things were terribly rough for me, I was absolutely miserable to live with (as much as he assured me I was not). He was working late and overtime, which meant I was doing so as well. And, if you know anything about me, I am not an OT type person. While I was working in mental health and as an interpreter, I would put in my hours and that was that. I treasured my time. I guarded my life outside of work. Anytime I put in extra hours, it weighed on me. It exhausted me instantly. I know my limits and OT is one that I would try not to cross in me pre-baby life.

Now, trying to explain to my boys about how I am not an OT person hasn't worked out as well as it did with my previous bosses/co-workers. They kind of just look at me funny and start running/rolling around like crazy.. or crying.. or they decide to make a poopy ..or {insert anything and everything under the sun that would make me get my job as a mama ON}. It's how things are right now. It's our season. With God's grace and LOTS and LOTS of prayer, I hope I can approach mama overtime with grace and love.

Feel free to pray for me in this area too. I'll milk all the prayers I can get!

Funny thought: I think my days are starting to be defined by what link-up there is on said day. Most days my brain is scrambling to recognize what day of the week we are participating in. But, no worries! Blogging community to the rescue! I go to nurse sweet Linus, pull up my feedly, and VOILA! I know what day it is! It's pretty awesome. And, very reliable. So, thank you all you wonderful bloggers who keep me in the know!

Speaking of you wonderful bloggers, you all are seriously so wonderful! I have so much to say about this little gem of a community that I have stumbled across. I'm still pretty new, but my goodness! Such a blessing!

Ok, that's all I got for today. And, I need to pack these boys up so we can get to Mass on time before our dinner date!
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  1. Overtime is tough. I appreciate the time my husband puts in and understand the sacrifice on his time away from the family, but it's hard on mommas as well.

    Enjoy your date night!! Sooo very important.

  2. So true, Jenny! I get so overwhelmed I turn into a walking pity-party and often don't appreciate his time away from us. Thank you for that perspective!

    Yes, our date night was so nice! It's hard since our parents all live pretty far away. Our date nights out are pretty rare, but we do always try and squeeze one in when family visits or we visit them. So many of our friends offer to watch the boys for us, it's just a matter of saying Yes to their sweet gestures. We're learning :) meanwhile, soaking in what we can!


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