Thursday, November 13, 2014

A day in the Life: Black and White Edition

Aimee over at This Darling Day challenged me to a Black and White Photo Challenge on Instagram. Since I feel like indoor photos, night time photos, and black and whites are my struggle, I welcomed this challenge with open arms. Read: must practice more!


Top Left // After Linus woke one morning he instisted his brother walk with him hand in hand down the hallway to help keep him from slipping (He was wearing socks and isn't too good on managing the slippery.).
Top Right // Linus at the Nature and Science Museum.
Middle Left // Linus imitating his brother with a random little stretchy bunny. Hop. Hop! HOP!
Middle Right // Me sneaking in some Mama-time during nap-time. Coffee, book, and snuggly fluffy.
Bottom // Resting after having my (hopefully) last procedure done on my herniated disc.

How do you get your black and photos communicate nostalgia, beauty, and all things story-telling? I'm open to any and all tips! Is it more about catching stellar light? Contrasts?

Also, go check out Aimee's black and white photos. So beautiful! Also, linking-up with the wonderful Kathryn from Team Whitaker for Week in my Life 2014.


  1. I love the first one of the your two little ones in the hall. I love black and white, thanks for the nudge to take more.

    1. Thanks, Jenny! I know, this is just another area I need more intentional practice on. I love black and whites, just don't have the eye for it yet. Or at least the ability to capture what I see in my head. Glad you felt a little nudge. Nudges are fun :)


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