Monday, November 3, 2014

Happiness. Lately. October Love.

October has come and gone. Sweet, sweet October, how I love you! 

It was a good month for us. Even though I had some crazy back problems starting late August, I feel like October is the month that I started feeling like I was going to be okay. I've been more agile and able to do more with the boys which has been such a blessing to our day-to-day as well as my sanity! 

October was filled with family and friends. Lots of love, good health, and so much fun. Crafts and feasts that just make my heart swell! October, you were so good. Thank you.
For starters we had the Feast of the Archangels and Guardian Angels.
We had some glorious outdoor time. The weather has been amazing!
Bigfoot and Linus have enjoyed having lots of fun Daddy time.
And this mama has been putting on her crafty-pants a. lot.
Evening softball games were out of this world for the boys! And, I loved watching my hubby play!
Feast, feasting, and more feasting! The kitchen and I have been getting along very well this past month!
Grumpy funny faces.
More crafty pants.
Mixed in with tidbits of mama-fashion.
We celebrated the Feast of St. Francis of Borgia. It was lovely and delicious and perfect for a meatless Friday meal! Do check out this awesome Spanish saint when you get a chance!
Crafty in the home decor department continued. I tell you what. I didn't mess around this October in this department. Very unusual for me, but I'll take it :)
We went to the ZOO!! I heart all things zoo for so many reasons.
This one below is definitely one of them. Those crazy beautiful animals just love to surprise you!

We had our annual Family Bible Study trip and it was amazing!
Loved every moment!
Every moment.

These boys have just been growing into their brotherhood and it's all sorts of beautiful.
Bigfoot has taken to reading to Linus. There have been so many moments!
 Mass has been a little rough. Most Sundays one of us is out in the narthex with the little munchkin on the right. But, they sure are cute, adorable, and all things God-made.
 We made cards for Priesthood Sunday. So glad we did that!
 Celebrated All Hallow's Eve with chef St. Pascual and his Kitchen Angels.
 And, St. George's dragon may have made an appearance too.
 The boys loved it.
And, we love them. 

October, thank you for being so wonderful! 

What happiness did October bring you? Or, what do you love and miss already about October and it's awesomeness?

Linking-up with Theresa from Ordinary Lovely and Jenna for tl;dr. And special thanks to Haley at Carrots for Michaelmas for helping us celebrate the liturgical year with deliciousness!


  1. Well, that looks like a beautiful October. Those guardian angel wings! And, stay strong on the Mass front momma. Before you know it, you'll be out of the narthex and back in the pew. Enjoy the crazy :)

    1. Thank you, Kathryn! And, thank you for the encouragement! I can get discouraged with our youngest, so thank you for telling me to enjoy the crazy. This past weekend, the crazy was embraced and I tried very much to meet him in his fuss and fight.

  2. Thanks for linking up, Amanda! I loved reading your October recap :)
    The St. Pascual.chef costume was so adorable!
    I was so grateful that you posted about your gratitude for priests project. I've been meaning to make a dinner for our priests and deacon for a while now and always put it off. You inspired me to finally call the rectory today! Thanks!

    1. Ah, I need to call the rectory and have our priests over for dinner! I'm such a goober about it though, because I get nervous being new at the parish. Thank you for the link-up! It's nice to reflect on all the lovely from the month prior! :) God is good.

  3. You really have been crafting up a storm! Fall is such a good time for all of that :)

    1. Seriously! It's been fun! I got bit by the craft-bug and my boys actually engage with it a bit more, so that helps too. I may have had the bug all along just no participants ;)


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