Saturday, November 1, 2014

Embrace the Ordinary: All Hallow's Eve Recap

My little monkeys went trick-or-treating for the first time ever! We all had so much fun! Aside from way too many houses not answering their door (Boo to y'all!) Bigfoot kept in good spirits ready to go knock on the next house that had their porch light on.

While out with the boys, I kept having these surreal moments. The ones that make me pinch myself to remind me that this is really happening. I really have two little boys trick-or-treating on Halloween. It's not I. I'm not the little one going door to door. It's my children that are. What??? When did this happen??!!
Three years ago, that's when! God gave me these sweet baby boys and we are making memories. We're making moments filled with whimsy and laughter and candy!
This is all so new to us. But, I can say that GeekMan and I are excited to further navigate our family traditions as the years press on. We want our boys to know the goodness of All Hallow's Eve. The beauty of All Saint's day. And the blessing of All Soul's day. This little tridduum is beauty and goodness is such a gift! Being able to share with them the true glory stories of the saints that have gone before them is awesome! The heroic stories of old. There were dragon slayers, lion tamers, angels, martyrs who were not afraid of death, the courageous, the beautiful, those that loved like Him, and so many talents that share such unique walks. The saint stories are ones to remember, they are bold, and they are true.

I tried to capture as many photos as I could with that beautiful setting sun light just before we went to the houses in the neighborhood. And, honestly, I'm glad I caught as many as I did because this is our first. That's a big deal. Our first little effort towards embracing this little extraordinary time in the liturgical year as a family. The boys loved it. We loved it. And, already are thinking of plans for next year.

Bigfoot was St. George's dragon while Linus was St. Pascual sporting a chef uniform, spatula, and angel in pocket. I think they liked their costumes. Or rather, I know Bigfoot loved it and Linus just wanted to open the lollipops.

Thankful we were able to do this together and like I said, am already looking forward to expanding on our little to-do's as a family next year.
 Costumes were made same-day, so I'll have to plan that one a little better next year too.

I wouldn't have changed any of how it all happened. We're young parents and still learning how to navigate all the fun we can have with these two littles. Day-by-day, month-by-month, and holiday-by-holiday, we are growing and learning to embrace this amazing role we have.

How was your Halloween? Costumes? No? Parties or night in? Did you trick-or-treat or were you moreso on the giving end (Haha, after getting no trick-or-treaters for the night, I realized (or rather, my husband helped me realize) that I left my Do-Not-Ring-Doorbell-or-Knock-Ever-because-you-will-wake-the-toddlers-from-their-nap-Sign on the door. Oops!! First-timer in our new home fail.)?


  1. Such cute costumes! Thank you so much for sharing your photos and linking up with us this week!

    1. Jessy! Thank you! They were on a whim but worked! Thank you, pinterest... I've been enjoying linking-up with y'all! I love learning more about photography and am doing so from all of y'all!


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