Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Easy-Peasy Fall Burlap Wreath

A few weeks ago I went on a crafting-fritz! I crafted all the things in my home and was pretty excited about how everything turned out. I shared the final product of this wreath here, but also wanted to share the photo process along with the video that made me realize I could craft up this wreath in 30 minutes flat!
What you'll need:
Wreath-Wire Frame
30 ft of Burlap Ribbon
Fall Decor (I picked up these Fall leaves from the Dollar Store for $2 and had a cross from another wreath I re-used.)
Scissors (If you need to trim up your Fall foliage like me.)

Here's the video I watched that made this craft a cinch!

Now, back to the photo process of the wreath party that lasted 30 minutes:

Tadaaaaa! Easy Peasy!

I'm thinking about switching it up with some Christmas colors post Thanksgiving, but we'll see! Any wreaths up in your casa?


  1. Looks great! 30 minute crafts are right up my alley. That's about all the free time I get.

    1. Yes! After watching that video, start to finish was definitely under 30 min which just thrilled me! I hear you on the limited free time!

  2. it's so beautiful and autumnal! I love the addition of the cross.
    I just made the same thing last weekend, but I'm trying to crochet some poinsettia flowers to attach for Christmas :)

    1. Gosh do I need to pick up crocheting or what?! You make the sweetest things! I tried crocheting while in college (I was an old soul, always have been.), but let it go after I lost count so many times. lol My best friend from childhood still has a scarf I made her. lol So sweet of her to wear it every once and while still! It was all kinds of crooked lol

  3. Ooh I love this! Very pretty! :)

    1. Thanks, Aimee! I love how it all came together with stuff I had leftover from last year! It's just the best when things like that happen!


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