Friday, February 20, 2015

Cheers to New Beginnings!


Silly me. Of course if I write and share that our week has been going fairly smoothly I would meet a Friday that could rival any Monday.

Stopping in for some quick-takes and beauty finds because this mama could do with some re-focusing.

Earlier this week, we fell into our rhythm. It was great. Good days. Lots of reading, smiles, fun, and chill. Then I went to bed late, twice, only to wake up to two grouchy-pants. I tried to rival this by meeting up with some awesome mamas at a fun little indoor play place, but Mr. Bigfoot decided to keep his grouchy-pants on. Such is the life of the little ones I suppose. Trying to navigate emotions and fun all at the same time. But on a day of fasting, I admit that my temper got the best of me when they decided to cry all the way home. All. The. Way...Oy!

Twas a long car ride.

But life took a turn when my husband came home for lunch with... Wait for it! ...a free iced-coffee from Chick-fil-a! Oh MY HEART! I can't even tell you the flood of love I had for him when he stepped in. I mean, I'm pretty sure I almost cried. True story.

Especially since, on my way to meet my friends I punched in Chick-fil-a in my Google Maps only to be taken to the middle-of-neighborhood-no-where. No, thank you Google. No, thank you. Ever.

I hadn't had coffee because I was wanting this tidbit of delicious mixed with caffeine but Google had other, more unpleasant plans for me.

See, the thing is, Lent is here. I have set my mind and heart on my offerings and sacrifices. This is definitely going to be one of the more trying Lenten seasons I've had in recent years and I'm thankful and excited for that. However, as many things as I am saying no to right now, coffee and creamer are just not one of those. I know myself and I know where we are in life right now and that would do more harm than good. And that's not what Lent is about. I will not be learning Love with an empty coffee mug this season. Perhaps another one in the future, but not this one. And that's okay.

But given the trials from today, small may they have been, I'm telling myself to begin again.
"Jesus offers you the cross, a very heavy cross, and you are afraid of not being able to carry it without giving way. Why? Our Beloved Himself fell three times on the way to Calvary, and why should we not imitate Him?" 
~St. Therese of Lisieux
I found these words from St. Therese last year. They mean something to me again this year. And probably will for the rest of my life. A reminder that has helped me transition today. Encouragement that made me stop earlier. Encouraging words and some jokes from my husband also helped me settle a ton too (THANK YOU, Love!).

Today I fell. I fell on the drive home from such a fun time and I fell while at home during lunch. But I'm determined to get back up again. To begin again. It's just what I need to do. It's just what needs to happen. And, with His Grace and Strength, it's going to happen!

On that note, the boys napped. I rested. I typed. I read. And now I'm sharing. We were invited to a Children's Stations of the Cross and a Lenten dinner. This will be good (fingers-crossed). Either way, I've had an attitude adjustment and will be determined to find the good and beauty in it. In our time with friends and our time sharing God with our little family. Time sharing in fellowship. It will be good.

And on another good note, I grabbed my camera the other day when we had some sunshine. These were my beauty finds. Finding beauty in our time together and throughout our week really helps me to slow down and have that peace that helps me get through my days.

Cheers to new beginnings and finding beauty. On the daily.

How is your Friday going? What encouragement have you found during your harder days that makes all the difference?

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  1. Your maturity impresses me, Amanda. I'm pretty sure I would have thrown a pity party for a while before getting up again. Yes, no deeper good will be found for me giving up tea this Lent. Those pictures of the boys at the park are beautiful.

    1. Gosh, thanks, Ann-Marie! I guess it did take quite the pity party for me to get to this point. I give myself swift kicks to snap out of my tougher times. Some times they help and other times they don't. My oldest was all sorts of grouchy the entire day and then I was thrown up on come Saturday by my youngest. These are real times we are living and they can be filled with tons of tough. Praying for you and if you'll pray for me! :)

  2. I'm with you on not giving up coffee for lent - not this lent anyway - a toddler free lent perhaps, many, many years in the I teared up a little too over the iced coffee - amazing husband - three cheers!

    1. Right!? I'm with you. Many, many, many years later, this may be a possibility. Just not in this season.And yes, I had tears too. I was so overwhelmed at the time and that sweet little gesture filled me!

  3. I agree with you and Erika on the not-giving-up-coffee thing. Not this year, at least. Thank you so much for linking this up. Your photos are beautiful. And that quote from St. Therese made me cry. I really needed to read that, and I'm going to write it down so I can read it again later!

    1. Haha, I have a feeling many a mother feels similar! Thank you, for hosting, Amy! The quote from St. Therese just gets me everytime. I just feel so held even when I fall. I'm so glad it meant something to you too!


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