Friday, February 27, 2015

Meatless Friday: Curry Chickpeas over Rice with Fresh Baked Bread

I'm joining Gina from Someday Saints for her Meatless Friday series! We've been enjoying some yummy meatless meals over here so I'm excited to share! 

This meal I'm sharing is pretty easy to whip up. It's one of those dinners that happened after being low on all. the. groceries. We hadn't been grocery shopping in awhile which made life tricky last week. Thankfully I can report it turned out to be pretty yummy!

Curry Chickpeas over Rice with Fresh Baked Bread

Hope y'all get a chance to enjoy this meatless meal. If you do, please come by and let me know what you thought! I know curry isn't for everyone, so for those who give it a go, pray you enjoy it!

Gina, thanks so much for having me again! And thank you for this series that is helping me keep our Lenten Meatless Fridays exciting in little ways!

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