Monday, March 16, 2015

Lenten Crafts for Littles: Candlelit Prayer Card

I'm back for another little craft for your little ones on up to your big ones!

Rosie from A Blog for my Mom came up with the wonderful idea of hosting a Lenten Craft Series and I'm so excited to be a apart of it!

Lent is such a beautiful time to slow down, be more intentional, fast so that you can be emptied and then filled back up again with more of Him, and to pray more. Our liturgical rhythm is such a good one and I know I am forever thankful for the way it draws me in, every. single. year!

For this craft, I was thinking about prayer meanwhile mentally sifting through all the leftover random craft supplies we had at home. When we craft around here it's usually with what we already have. It's just kind of how we do.

While I was doing my mental sift, I remembered these little cards for Priesthood Sunday that the boys had such a fun time making. I got to thinking more about prayer and cards and glue sticks and torn paper and easy and...Voila! I present to you Candlelit Prayer Cards for friends and family.
Continue reading this little piece over at Rosie's and make sure to check out the other fun and wonderful crafts in this series!


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