Sunday, March 15, 2015

wiws // laetare sunday

Okay, I am normally really awful about getting pictures of what we wear on Sundays. Normally the day just gets away from me. Or, maybe we planned to get to a morning Mass but then one boy has fever and everything doesn't go as planned. Or, as soon as I get home I have all the little things to do and the first thing my comfort-loving heart does is change into even more comfier home clothes. Or,  or, or...

Either way I snapped a couple pics and even caught a family photo using my little timer before we headed off to evening Mass.
How do you ladies snap those awesome beautiful pics of yourselves in long mirrors??? You know what I'm talking about! The really flattering ones that look awesome. I've got nothing so I can only present to you the top half of my knee length-comfy dress and then my shoesies.
Dress: JCrew Maternity (Gift a from my aunt when I was pregnant with Bigfoot)
Shoes: DSW (Gift from my mom)
Necklace: James Avery (Gift from my Mother-in-Law)
Earings: James Avery (Gift from my Husband)
(haha, I'm spying a trend here)
Cardigan: Victoria's Secret (Many moons ago when I was in Grad School. Gift to myself.)

Onto the boys.

I'll be adding the below photos of our boys to my 52 project.

Bigfoot. 3. Loved wearing pink because Father T was wearing pink today too, really loves running inside the house which gets him in trouble (which he does not love), and all things music.
 Linus. 2. Loves snuggling with Daddy (especially more lately since we are pretty much 99.8% weaned), following Lily around, and drawing dragons, circles, squares, giraffes, and horses.
And here we all are. Linus was hilarious. He kept watching the blinking light and then laughing and smiling after the camera snapped. As you can see below, he's wearing his disbelief face of anticipation while we are all smiling like crazy in hopes to get a smile-filled family photo.
That's all for now, friends and family. Just dropping in super late on this Laetare Sunday to share some pink and some smiles.


  1. I have no idea how the people take good mirror shots. But I really do like your shoes!

    1. Haha, thank you! I'm a fan of them too. They have that little punch of color my typically muted color self loves sporting :)

  2. What a sweet family picture! I can never take mirror shots either - the twins broke our full-length mirror a while back and I'm scared to get a new one because they'd probably break that, too!

    1. Oh no, Rosie! Ya, our new place has a long mirror in the guest space but it's behind the closet door. I've got nothing on how to make these kinds of selfies happen. Ah well :) Tried my best! And thank you! It's been a little while since we took one!

  3. Ooooh - I LOVE your shoes!
    What a beautiful family shot!

  4. I love your outfit for church. You have a beautiful family! And a cute puppy too.


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