Friday, March 6, 2015

9/52 More snow and all the link-ups

More snow! More and more snow! 

But hopefully the last of it because this mama is ready for some Spring!

Either way, efforts were made for a little fun and the bonus was that the sun was finally out! We had only 6 hours of sun for the last 10 days. Good night, that is just not nice! But the more sun, even with the new layers of snow, shared so much good and beauty.

I got the boys layered up because we have no snow gear. No snow gear means lots and lots of layers. I was even tempted to wrap their shoes in plastic bags. I opted not to because it was hard enough getting my little squirmers layered. 

Off we went into our little winter wonderland.
It really was so beautiful outside. It was the kind of pretty that is filled with the perfect balance of warmth and cold with soft fluffy snow beneath our feet.

The boys were so happy. So so very happy.
And I was happy because our awesome neighbors who built these incredibly legit snowmen (They built three.) took a picture of me with our boys. There are so few photos of me (memory-capturer problems) so I jumped at the offer!
Happy Snowman.

This boy was so fun and funny about all the snow. It's like I could see his heart jumping from how excited he was to play, make snowballs, and snowangels.

Which brings me to my 9/52. I'm picking this photo of Bigfoot. 3. Loves snowball fights, our pup Lily, and pumpkin muffins.

This little guy was a little on the clingy side.
He eventually settled a bit more and which gave my back the break it was really needing.
After a little hand-holding, he was on his way. I'll choose this photo below for 9/52. Linus. 2. Loves hugging mama, hand-holdling, and pumpkin muffins.
Linus eventually started playing alongside my little Jack Frost.
Who was all too thrilled to have an additional snowball fighting target.
Once that fun dwindled we were off to build another snowman.
The effort was all theirs. I watched and encouraged while they ultimately had three stacked snowballs...
...only to knock it down as they do to all. the. things. they build.

Yay, pretty snow and double Yay to the sunshine!

Linking- up with Kelly for some quick-takes, Aimee for Finding Beauty, and Amy for Embrace the Oridnary, and with Like Mother, Like Daughter for {P,H,F,R}. Tons of linking-up today to share all our bits of beauty and happy on our last snow day of the year.

These days it's the little things. Always the little things and I'm thankful for these lovely link-ups that help me remember that!


  1. Love the football gloves. My kids are suffering from snow-burnout. They did not even venture outside to play in this latest storm!

    1. Debbie, thank you! I can only imagine the snow-burnout. I don't blame them though. Too much of anything is just tough!

  2. I love seeing kids enjoying snow who don't usually get it!

    1. Well then welcome! Haha! Snow is definitely a once, maybe twice, a thing over here. So for my little guys and our whole family really, the snow is just fun and novel!

  3. I put plastic bags on my oldest daughter's legs the first time she went out to play in the snow when she was just shy of one. She was not amused!! I love the photo of you with the boys! I need to be better at capturing photos WITH them, instead of just OF them. Thanks so much for linking up!

    1. Haha, Amy, I was so tempted. Ultimately after all the layers I caved and just figured they would dry and I'd have to change them all the way down to their first layer anyways. It really is such a rare thing to get in pictures. So I definitely jump at opportunities :) Thanks again for hosting!

  4. That is a very impressive snowman. So nice of your neighbors to share the wealth! ;)
    We had what I hope will be our last snow of the season this past week too.
    Oh, and love the football hat and gloves!

    1. Wasn't it?! So glad we're entering into spring. It's my time! My heart is all about Sunshine! Hope things are melting nicely where you are, Laura! :)


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