Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Snow Angels, Snowballs, and a Snowlady

A few days ago, fevers passed, it snowed, and even though we had some crazy snot, we went outside!
I cannot even tell you how excited the boys were! Ever since the soft flurry fun fell from the sky the boys have been  dying to go outside!

They've also been dying to build a snowman which Daddy ultimately made. The boys gathered sticks and leaves and eyes to bring life to the little mounds of snow. They also decided we had a snowlady on our hands instead of a snowman.
See her lashes? So pretty!
I took the liberty of naming her Lashes.
I don't know what they thought about our little Lashes once she was all put together, but I do know they enjoyed seeing her outside our window for a full 24-hours.
We also brought our laundry basket and took the boys down our little hill. Linus loved it!

He was also so curious about the crunchy ice beneath his feet.
Bigfoot was all about Lashes, making and throwing snowballs, and making snowangels.

Bigfoot was so thrilled to make this little snow angel. So very thrilled!
I kind of love this picture of Bigfoot running around, exploring and enjoying all the snow.
Linus did a lot of wandering and stomping too.

Snow balls were made.

Snowballs were thrown.
And then we had to go in since it started sleet/raining which was just kind of yuck!
As much as I am so ready for sunshine and spring, I'm glad we had this bit of snow that stuck and was absolutely beautiful for a day. We made some sweet memories and really had fun while we were out.

Also, it was kind of nice to have a change of pace. These little guys have struggled with colds and viruses all season, it was high time we had a little outdoor play


  1. So much fun! I love the lashes!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I was pretty fond of her. Pretty sure that's the first legit little snowperson I've ever made. Growing up in S. Texas snow just didn't happen. :)


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