Saturday, June 18, 2011

40 weeks and 1 day...

At every occurrence we should say: Dominus est. It is the Lord; and in all circumstances we should find a gift from God: we should consider creatures as very feeble instruments in the hands of an Almighty Worker, and we should recognize without difficulty that nothing is lacking to us that God’s constant care leads Him to give us each instant what is suited to us.  -Fr. de Caussade

The due date of our little one has come and gone. And today we are 40 weeks and 1 day :) Yup, our little Junebug is cozy and comfy in my womb and is showing few signs (up to this point) of making a full exit. Naturally, I (and many beloved family members and friends) are sitting at the edge of our seat waiting on this child and on God. Admittedly, having had our first born on the due date would have been so exciting! So, part of me is a bit sad that the day has passed. But as His Will would have it, we are still being called to patiently wait on Him. 

I like this quote from Fr. de Caussade, because it reminded me to be grateful and to Trust that It is the Lord who is working in each moment that passes. And not only is He working but He is giving us a gift. Gifts that I have only been able to recognize with some evening time spent in prayer and reflection.

Our Gifts thus far:

Friday, our due date was spent at an enjoyable morning Doctor’s appointment where we heard that this Mama and our little one are as healthy as can be at this point. That is always a joy to hear and definitely a gift. GeekMan and I had lunch thereafter and then I was able to spend some wonderful quality time with my brother who is visiting. Not only did I get to spend the afternoon with him but GeekMan and I were given the opportunity to have an early dinner with my brother as well. Then later, GeekMan and I enjoyed a movie, relaxation, and needed conversation. Dominus est.

Saturday, our 40 weeks and one day, were spent catching up on some much needed to-dos in the morning followed with a brief but wonderful time with my brother - again! These gifts were followed by our good friends calling us up for a delicious dinner out and we suggested getting some raspas for dessert (snowcones, something I’ve been wanting since this past Monday;)). After receiving these evening gifts we are now home enjoying each other and relaxing. Dominus est.

So, thank you again Fr. de Caussade and Holy Spirit for opening my eyes to see the goodness in the time that we have had and pray that my eyes continue to stay open in the days that come. Who knows when God and this little one will decide to exit my womb? Am I excited? YES! Am I ready? As ready as I’ll ever be :) But, for now I’ll try my best to focus on all the little gifts that God is sharing in moments that have passed and are yet to come. Dominus est.

haha, just a side note:

My guess is that our little Junebug doesn’t want us to miss Mass tomorrow morning. Perhaps he or she already sees the great gift in that and we’ll go into labor after celebrating Mass :D Will keep ya’ll posted!!!

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