Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ice cream, home videos, lots of tissue/meds, and missing our families

First of all, Happy New Years’s Eve to everyone! The start of a new year is always such a great time, normally spent with family and/or friends. Bringing in the new year with special loved ones has always been important to GeekMan and I and we fondly can look back on all the wonderful NYE get togethers we’ve been blessed with.

But this year is turning out to be a little different.

I am curled up under a blanket, in bed, with a low grade fever, a cough/itchy throat, sinus pressure along with a mild headache that refuses to go away, and a runny/stuffed nose. Yes, thank you sinus infection. It has been awhile since we met but as you would have it you are here with me now.

Meanwhile, I am listening to my wonderful Husband sing, dance, and play with our sweet Bigfoot. I love hearing them interact and listening to them while in bed is definitely making my soul happy.

This NYE is a bit different from many that we have had previous. First off, I’m sick (boo!); secondly, we are away from family and friends; and thirdly, we have the sweetest new addition to our family - fresh from my womb just a little over 6 months ago.  All of the above just means we have to get creative. GeekMan and I decided a perfect way to bring in the new year would be to watch old home videos from 2011, which I am so excited about. We’re talking family trip videos, many of Bigfoots firsts, Bigfoots arrival and all that led up to it, holidays, family, friends and more! I can’t think of a more perfect way to spend our time tonight given my health isn’t up to par for anything else.

I guess, the point in getting this post out is that, while in bed, I remember Sister K (Special K) and how she always encouraged me to see the blessings in all times and to be thankful. Without being sick the idea of reflecting on our year via all the videos we took may not have happened at all. And now we have this to hopefully do every year (whether that be a few days after the NY since we’ll be with family+friends or on NYE like today). As much as we’ll miss bringing in the New Year with family we love, I’m thankful that we get to have this special time to do so with our little family - not to mention, dear husband got me a pint of some delicious looking Blue Bell ice cream! Yes, our NYE plans had to be changed a bit last minute. But, thank you Lord for the wonderful family that you have given us that always have a place ready for our little family come the holidays.

I admit, I was pretty bummed and really missing that we wouldn’t be celebrating the new year with family. And, I really don’t like being sick! But, after some bed time and listening to my amazing husband and wonderful little boy I think I have things in better perspective. All it took was opening my eyes, ears, heart, and soul to our God who is always loving us and desires good things for those who love Him. How a thankful heart can change everything!

Family, we miss you, love you and are so grateful for you! Holy Family, pray for us all, near and far, those we know and those we don’t.

Any others out there doing something different this year? Prayers for a wonderful time bringing in the new year as well as a blessed 2012!

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