Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baby boy is half a year old (two months ago!)

Month 6 in Pics

Your first Teddy!:D
You love being superman! Flying around everywhere and pretending to fly while on your belly.
You spent some time with Great Grandma over Thanksgiving.
You play with your Eintein Gym in a whole new way.
Your first Christmas tree!
You hung out with some of your second cousins. They love you tons!
Ohh, that face!
Your feet are your new toy.
and you really love your teddy :)
Sleep bandits caught on camera! You have your two bottom teeth!
You still absolutely love playing with Lily...
...and jumping in your jumperoo!
Oh my dearest, Seph. You are so WONDERFUL and filled with amazing goodness that can only be from up above!

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