Thursday, January 9, 2014

TT: Bare Bigfoot

Linking up with Cari for Theme Thursday. The theme is bare or bear.

We've had some pretty crummy weather over here. It's cold, it's not cold, it's cold and rainy, rainy and cool, fog, blah, blah, blah...yuck, yuck, yuck... Give me snow and freezing or give me warm and breezy, but this yuck is no bueno! I haven't seen much of any sun lately, which hurts my soul. Being sick last week with the flu for all hasn't helped either.

All this to say, I have not been great about capturing memories with my mama toy. Therefore, I present to you an old picture of Bigfoot's bare footsies. The boy is almost always bare. It's how he rolls. Most especially because if he is wearing socks you can almost guarantee the boy will take a spill that will open some major flood gates. It just isn't pretty. (Yes, we're that coordinated family.).
Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll get back to taking pictures and practice so I can get better at capturing our moments. I also have so many pictures to blog after making our rounds for the holidays. Not to mention, the three updates for sweet Linus I have yet to post! Oye! I am behind on our little online space of life, but determined to get back to it.

Get over to Cari's to check out some more fun bare/bear photos from other much more talented photo-taking lovelies!

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