Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Moments of Grace and Chesterton

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Thanking God...
::for His Will.
::for His Grace and Patience.
::for His Love and Mercy.
::for our little family.
::for time with our family that are not near.
::for my vocation of mother and wife.
::for my husband - our rock.
::for new days.

::for our little family.
::for family that aren't near us but are always near our hearts.
::for grace in my vocation.
::for a special intention.
::for Bobbi and her family.
::for a dear friend.
::for patience and love.
::for a thankful and joyful heart.

My boys see such joy so easily in our day to day. They see adventure in jumping from low stools and running into a pile of pillows and blankets. They see a cave to climb through when under the kitchen table and are so curious about whats behind every closed door. Around every corner is adventure. Praying that I be able to see more of the incalculable wonders that exist within our own little family. Praying that I take more moments to explore the pile of blankets and empty boxes. Praying that I don't steal their present and day-to-day fairy-tale with my own selfishness, unwillingness, and stubbornness. Praying I see more of the adventure we were all born into.

Weekends with Chesterton: cultivating the intellectual life

Loving this quote...

From the Kitchen...
::making spaghetti tonight. I make the sauce from scratch so it's always a little different every time. Depends on my mood. More basil? More garlic? Mushrooms? Onions? etc etc It helps that both boys chow down every time I make it.

Not much. Not only did I take a blogging haitus but I also have not touched my camera since we got home from Christmas travels. The day after we got home we all tested positive for the flu with the toddler tacking on an ear infection of his own. Since then I've just been trying to find my groove again.  We passed on a house during that time (our second one) which was disheartening. I feel like January has been the month to try and get out of feeling in slump.

Hopefully, I'll be able to bust out my super mama cape and have a wonderful February. This North Texas January weather has not been fun either. At. All.


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  1. I love the idea of stepping into a family as stepping into a fairy tale. All the beauty and magic, heartbreak, gnashing of teeth, sorrow, love, and heroism lies within the family and the fairy tale, both.


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