Friday, February 14, 2014

7QT: My Boys found their Grooves

Joining Jen for some quicktakes while both kiddos are napping!

Well I have, once again been a sporadic blogger. I blog here I blog there. Mostly just trying to keep up with our life posts. The updates. The ones with the photos and moments that I want to treasure forever. And, you would think those blog posts, short and to the point, would be fairly easy to come by, but they have not as of late. For a variety of reasons. 

For starters, we traveled in December, had the flu which knocked us on our butts for a good two weeks in January, and backed out of a house after getting a poor inspection, only to find another one in January that has been a dream!

Lots and lots and lots going on in these parts!

Which brings me back to blogging. I really want to blog more consistently. I want to blog more content. Not only my memories but the thoughts and ramblings that go on within. Journaling used to always be my outlet. Creatively, spiritually, and emotionally. Blogging has mostly filled that gap. I say mostly only because I don't go to type as frequently as I previously would pick up a journal and pen.

New goal: Blog more frequently. I'm going to try and hone in on this goal during Lent and make it part of my Lenten journey. I'm excited about the fruits that will come and the challenge.

--- 3 ---
Speaking of blogging more, I will be missing out on the amazing Edel Gathering this year. I was so wanting to go. I had stars in my eyes. Hopes of amazing relaxation alongside amazingly wonderful and inspiring women. But, since it has coincided with our new home purchase, you can imagine that our pockets aren't exactly overflowing right now.

I'm praying I'll be able to attend next year. Pregnant or not (I'm not preggo, just saying there may be a chance the following summer. God-willing). I'm sad to miss this Edel Gathering only because this one is hosted in my home state! How great would that be!?? And, I imagine next year it will be in a different state as I know all these wonderful women are traveling from all over the states to attend. Maybe I'll just have to start saving for ticket purchase and a flight ticket now?

Either way, I'm praying for all you attendees that do get to attend this year. I know it will be rejuvenating and magical. The speaker line-up is amazing and I hope that they will be posted online at some point. 

Excited to see all the pictures and goodies that will be shared online after you all have had all the fun that is to be had this year!

--- 4 ---
So getting back to random. I was finally starting to feel like we were finding our routine and jive to our day-to-day a few weeks ago. We were making it out to playdates and doing fairly well at home. We had a lovely time celebrating our little Linus' one year birthday this past weekend and soaked up all the family time we could get with our parents and in-laws.

But then, out of no-where, it was decided that I would get mastitis. Boo! Really? The little sweet and I have been nursing for a year now. And, although I have had my fair share of nursing trials in the early months, I have never had mastitis nor a plugged duct. Well, now I have. I have pretty much run the gamut of nursing problems. I started taking antibiotics a day and a half ago and haven't seen too much progress. Praying that we caught it in time and that it all gets resolved sooner than later. The flu-like symptoms that accompany mastitis have been no party.

Needless to say, I've been thrown off my groove yet again.

But, just because I'm off my groove doesn't mean Bigfoot is! That little toddler man is potty-trained! Something clicked. And it's amazing. He stays dry all day (even through naps!!!) and is able to stay dry on outings too! It all happened this past weekend. We were celebrating his little brother's first year and we left him in undies the whole time. He did great! We traveled a good 45 min to meet my parents for breakfast the next morning and he did amazing to and from! 

The boy is on a roll and it's awesome! Now I just need to work up the courage to let him give night time a try. I have a feeling it would be good but this mama is just not ready for that endeavor. Going to let him keep having his daytime potty parties and we'll tackle night time parties in due time.

--- 6 ---
Keeping on with fun grooves, sweet Linus has found one of his own. In the sleep and personality department. Mind you, this little boy has always had personality. I mean lots of it. The kind that likes to give a little (a lot) of shout/cry whenever he's in need - of anything. I guess I can't fault him for it this past year since that's been his only form of communication to get his needs met asap. He's an asap type of baby, I decided. But lately, the personality has been so silly, and fun, and giggly, and joking. The kid has jokes. He has roarversations. He has laughs. He has speed. He has a sweet sociability to him. And, he has lots and lots of love. 

It's been a great past two months seeing him shine just a little bit more with each day.

And, remember how he used to like to make his personality known throughout the night, well he turned a corner there too! Little man has been solid at night the past month or so. It's been glorious. We're still bed-sharing which has been a sweet blessing. And, we'll cross that bridge once we get him into his own room (preferably with his brother). But for now, we are both enjoying it. There are some logistics that I've had to learn along the way (and still am), but I'm grateful we went this route with him. It has been a gift for sure! 

I guess now that he's one he just wants us to know he knows a little more than we think he does. That he's got a handle of these little things called life, growing, teething, relating, learning, and loving, more than he lead on.

We're enjoying every bit of it (especially since he's allowed sleep and I to be friends again!).

Well, at the last quick-take. I'll just say that, looking for a home has had it's ups and downs. But, I truly feel Holy Spirit has guided us along with some very sweet saints who have definitely been praying for us during this process. I'm going to have to share the story of it all because it is quite the story. At this point, it seems all is going well and we should be homeowners at some point next week. It's been so very surreal and I can't wait to experience home life. We've been in apartments since we married and I've lived in apartments and dorms prior to that. This will be a new chapter for us all in many ways and I'm excited and beyond grateful.

So, on that note, It's been random and cathartic. Happy St. Valentine's Day and thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Congratulations on the house!!! It really is a financially draining, but completely rewarding endeavor. We're just about to hit a year that we've been in our place and unexpected expenses keep coming up (that also rule out things like Edel...) but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

  2. Aw, thanks Rosie! We are so excited and are feeling so blessed! Thanks for the encouragement though and perspective. I was pretty bummed about not going to Edel.


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