Monday, February 24, 2014

{7i7} Weekends with Chesterton: A Proposal

Hi again, Chesterton friends. So, my husband and I were talking a little about Chesterton last weekend. While we were chatting, he started looking around for Chesterton gems and stumbled across Chesterton's proposal to Frances. It made me smile. It made me laugh. I could feel his love for his fiance. You see how he treasured her and how he was quite the funny man. Definitely encourage all of you to head over to this site to read the whole thing. It's kind of wonderful and fun. And, it doesn't hurt  that it gave me a reason to draw from the old archives of my bridals to find a picture to put to fun use. Those pictures are all on our external drive just hanging out with all of our other wedding and engagement pictures. So, when I find a random reason to use one, be sure I will!

I'm trying to be fun and creative with quotes I find but have yet to master the skill of typography; so here's the quote in the photo in plain text in case the one in the picture is hard to read:

‘Hast thou sent the Rain upon the Earth?’ should be inscribed on the Umbrella-Stand: perhaps on the Umbrella. ‘Even the Hairs of your Head are all numbered’ would give a tremendous significance to one’s hairbrushes: the words about ‘living water’ would reveal the music and sanctity of the sink: while ‘Our God is a consuming Fire’ might be written over the kitchen-grate, to assist the mystic musings of the cook – Shall we ever try that experiment, dearest. Perhaps not, for no words would be golden enough for the tools you had to touch: you would be beauty enough for one house…
-G.K. Chesterton

Weekends with Chesterton: cultivating the intellectual life

Also, I'll be linking up with Jen this week for 7 posts in 7 days! A fun and crazy task all at once. See, we closed on our home this past week and are absolutely over the moon about it! Only thing is we will be slowly but surely moving in over this coming month. Thankfully we have time to do so, but will appreciate any prayers that our transition be a smooth one.

Thanks for stopping by!

7 day blog challenge 7 posts, 7 days


  1. Congratulations on the house! Exciting!

    1. Thank you! We are so thrilled! Hate moving, but this will (God-willing) be the last move for a long time. God has been so sweet to us in this home!


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