Thursday, August 7, 2014

Chango skills

Bigfoot has been trying to climb up a level on this jungle gym since he saw some older neighborhood kids having their fair share of fun climbing to their little hearts desire. He spent some time at the slides, running like a cheetah, throwing pebbles at the giant slide, and swinging. Eventually he made his way to his little mountain.
He hung around, per usual. Nothing big, but still fun.
But then, you could just see his little brain churning. Trying to problem solve his way up the bars of fun.

Little brother found his way over too. Like I always find myself saying these days, Brother see, brother do.
After some more trial and error, things started to click. Grasps had more purpose and foot placement was more intentional.
Trial and error. On he went.
Till something happened!
He did it!
And, not only did he climb up level numero uno of the jungle gym, his dismount was pretty fantastic.
And, seeing the joy, pride, and excitement in his little face was worth every second! So glad I caught this new little skill on my phone camera!
I could have watched you climb up and down all day. You were amazing, brave, adventurous, and quite the little problem-solver. While you were climbing and dismounting there was always a slight hint of panic mixed with exhilaration that could be seen in your eyes. So glad you were able to enjoy the ride of accomplishing this little feat. This is what his non-panic/disbelief/extremely excited look was after the very first time he dismounted. Submitting this gem of a moment for Theme Thursday over at Cari's.
Well done my my little chango! Well done.


  1. Well done, indeed! My oldest is like that. You can just see the wheels in her head turning to figure out the next step, along with that big of panic until she succeeds! :-)

    1. Yah, it was such a fun moment to capture. He really has been trying for quite some time. He would always just hang from the lower levels, get bored, and move on. But, not this day. This day he went for it and it was pretty amazing! Thanks for stopping by, Cathy!

  2. So sweet :) And I love how the younger siblings go for it immediately when they see older siblings at it! Mine have become more and more accomplished climbers earlier and earlier, thanks to sibling examples!

  3. I absolutely love the progression of his facial expressions. From the obviously hesitant and leery, to the hesitant but curious, to the triumphant. So beautiful.

    1. It was pretty great, Cari! After he climbed up a number of times more, he ran straight home to tell Dada about it all. He was so proud and excited.


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