Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Cookies

My brother came over for dinner this past weekend on a whim. I had plenty of dinner to go around but as soon as I knew he and Erin were on their way I wanted to make something sweet!

I opened up Pinterest and came across this sweet and simple recipe from Robyn over at Add A Pinch. After seeing the delicious photo she posted of her sweet and tangy goodness, Lemon Sugar Cookies it was!

I loved the recipe and it was so easy! They were yummy with a sugary crunch on the outside. The lemon flavor truly made it a perfect summer cookie to compliment my dinner of crockpot chicken and potatoes. Consider me sold on these summer cookies!

I'm already looking forward to making them again! I also love that I easily had all the ingredients on hand. Perfect for a quick and yummy dessert.

It was a good evening, overall. Good food, great company, game night after the kids were in bed, and lots of Uncle and Erin time for the boys while they were up.

I don't know what it is, but my brother brings out the crazy in my boys.

Nothing but blurry phone photos for a good majority of the evening.

 Except when Linus kept pleading for his Uncle to read and re-read Dr. Seuss.

Found any fun summer recipes these past months?

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