Wednesday, April 8, 2015

the present moment // catching up

Brothers. Love each other, taunt each other, and seek each other out.
Bigfoot. 3. Adores being outside, playing every sport under the sun, and is still my little snuggler.
Linus. 2. Is talking so much more, has become our little in-home parrot, and loves doing things on his own.

Bigfoot. 3...almost 4! Sometimes wishes he could still be a baby, really wants his mama to have a baby, and is learning and exploring the world around him with the most curious eyes.
Linus. 2. Adores swinging, seeking and examining every bug under the sun, and being silly.
Brothers. Growing together, learning together, and teaching this mama about love and life every. single. day.
Cheers to playing catch-up on my little 52 Project. <3>

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