Wednesday, April 1, 2015

finding beauty // just washing some feet

Where to start?? 

We had a few days of health last week quickly followed by myself and my youngest randomly getting the stomach bug. A 24-hour one, which was kind of thoughtful of the bug but the vomit. Oh the vomit. No thank you.

The stomach bug was followed by a few days of healing and getting our energy back only for my oldest to surprise us with an allergic reaction. The kind that comes with swelling and itchy rash along his mouth and chin. He hasn't had one since he was 10 months, when we first discovered there was an allergy. Since then we've avoided all things diary and lactose fairly well. And to be honest, I have yet to figure out exactly what triggered his reaction on Saturday. No thank you, again.

In turn I set up an appointment to follow up on the food allergy because we need to get to the bottom of this and bring on the investigation. The kind that will tell us exactly what does not sit well with the little guy. Appointments were made, plans were set, and we had steps taking us forward.

Only, he started feeling ill the day before complaining of stomach pain on and off. Struck a fever and complained of a headache by evening. Nurse triage encouraged us to aftercare and there we were. All the major scary things were ruled out - thank you! But, it's just a virus, was the diagnosis. No, thank you.

He has some lingering fever and fatigue, but hasn't thrown up since 4:30AM. We've had all the cartoons on all day while I do all. the. laundry and disinfect all the house. Again.

To the vomit and allergic reaction, I say No, thank you. To the whole of it, well, this is our season.

I'm thankful the stomach pain wasn't something crazy-serious. I'm thankful that the allergic reaction didn't warrant the kind that would have had us high-tailing it to the hospital. I'm thankful that the swelling and itching went down after a day. I'm thankful that even though there's been vomit, it really has been short lived.

Lastly, I'm thankful it's Holy Week. So many opportunities to grow in service and love over here. Knowing Holy Thursday is tomorrow helps. Knowing that Christ took the place of a servant so that we may know to serve has been encouraging. And knowing we are about to embark on the Holy Triduum brings me back to my present in a way that makes me feel alright.

On that note, let's enjoy those few days of sunshine I was able to capture prior to our umpteenth round of sickness!
These brothers enjoyed hunting for beetles, roly-poly, worms, and all other little creepy-crawly-critters.
With sport balls in hand, of course!
12/52 Linus sneaking a peek to see if there are any neighbors out and about.

12/52 Bigfoot doing what he does best. Playing ball.
The beauty of our live oak never ceases to amaze me.
13/52 Linus. 2. Brother see brother do. Gosh, he loves his big brother so much! And as much as they are so very different, their little similarities are sweet because they are grown out of love and admiration for each other.
13/52 Bigfoot. 3. "I want to be a priest, mama. I can be a priest. I can do it." Yes baby. God bless your path to your vocation. Whatever it may be, I know you'll be wonderful.
Bug-hunting and broom-swords.
These boys crack me up. Their personalities continue to grow and reveal themselves. It's beautiful, amazing, inspiring, and encouraging. I love them both and love their brotherhood.
So through yet another bout of sickness, I am doing my best at washing the feet of my sons and my husband best I can. Cleaning, snuggling, tending to, giving medicine when needed, washing, tidying, holding, comforting, loving and all the other little things with as little gripe face as I can.


  1. Stomach bugs are the worst! Hope your family recovers fully!
    My boys are thrilled that the bugs have finally emerged as well!
    Blessed Triduum!

    1. Aren't they, Laura!?? And I really struggle with anything vomit. Anyways, we are doing better now, thankfully! Blessed Eastertide to you and your beautiful family!!!

  2. Oh my goodness. Sickness always happens in groups. My class is the same way - if one goes down, two more follow, and I just pray that it doesn't make its way to me because my kiddos don't take to subs very well!

    I hope you had a lovely weekend, and thank you for linking up! :D

    1. Ugh! It does! I feel like the boys have just been on repeat! The weekend was beautiful, Kelly! So thank you for your well wishes! It was more than I could have asked for!

  3. Oh yuck. I'm so sorry that you had the stomach bug there!

    Your photos are wonderful. Isn't it so sweet to see how our little ones love each other so much? My girls are so close, and it makes me so happy :)

    1. Haha, yuck is right! We're recovered from the yuck and I'm pretty sure the house has successfully been disinfected! And yes! I absolutely love their brotherhood. It's so beautiful to watch. So so beautiful!


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