Thursday, May 7, 2015

phfr // joy in my heart

Storms, wind, and rain are what started our weekend with friends. Sunshine, cool breezes and all the amazing are what we were able to embrace as soon as the stir of weather blew through.

What was left after the storms was opportunity. Opportunity for community, love, memories, fellowship, laughter, beauty, and so much more.

The weather could not have been more magical. It was beautiful.
And this beautiful home that my friend's family has nourished is stunning in all possible forms. From this beautiful grotto...
to all the other little details they have scattered throughout the grounds.
We had a little May crowning while there. This grotto is just beyond stunning and all the kids decorated this beautiful space with all of roses.

The boys were so happy to be able to make another trip Muenster, TX. My oldest looks forward to it now the moment I remind him of this beautiful home that our friend's family shares with us. All 5-8 families that come and plop for a weekend.

Lots and lots of happy.
Linus wasn't a fan of Lightning the cat and was pretty funny about it.
Bigfoot played sports all. weekend. long. with any and all persons who would acknowledge him.

Somehow I always manage a napping husband photo on our trips. The same husband who was claiming to always be up in the morning and full of all the energies. I think these photos are becoming a thing. Love you, babe ;)
When I said the kids decorated the grotto, what I was also getting at is that they pretty much plucked every possible rose up to little kiddo eye level in sight. Literally.

As beautiful and filled with love this little grotto was, those poor poor rose bushes.
I'll tell you what, all these little kiddos became quite the hard workers when it came to loving the Holy Family.
Last funny was Linus. The boys loves horses. He found a few that were perfect for his little hands and dragged one in particular all throughout the weekend.
The sweet little horse was everywhere both days we were there.
I will say it did keep this little one quite content.

Time together. All the time together allowed for us to just embrace our little families. Spend quality time being present and away from all things related to the daily grind. Time filled with eye contact, hugs, fun, and play. 
I'm so grateful to our friends and their family for opening their home that is just an hour away from where we live. They have no idea how much of a gift they give our family. We all came home filled with renewal and ready to embrace our week.
All the space these grounds offer allow for so much magic and fun.
My boys are still talking about all they did there and asking to go back tomorrow, pweese!
As much as we try to create this type of place in our own home there's a degree of adventure that happens when we leave our abode and travel elsewhere.
And the fact that the adventure happens together as a family helps build us in ways only our future selves will fully grasp and appreciate.
Playing together.
Discovering together.
Dancing in the sun together.
Walking alongside each other on grounds that feel familiar but still are able to contain a degree of newness that is exciting.

Finding new bugs.
Working on a greater good.

All the while being surrounded by the sweetest and most beautiful of reminders of what it's really about. What it is always about. 

Our little family had an amazing time a few weekends ago. We're so grateful and filled to the brim with love for our friends who bless us so beautifully.
God knew what He was doing when He brought us to where we are. He knew being away from our immediate family would be hard so He sent us quite the gift in the wonderful people that we are blessed to call friends.
"Friendship is the source of the greatest pleasures, and without friends even the most agreeable pursuits become tedious."
-St. Thomas Aquinas


  1. That is a beautiful home! And I love how the boys decorated the grotto

    1. Isn't it though?! I'm so so grateful to our friends mama who shares this beautiful space with us every year! The boys and a good 20 other kiddos shared their love on that grotto. It was all kinds of beautiful minus the little cringe of all the missing roses from the rosebushes nearby lol

  2. I enjoyed all of the pictures of your sweet family. The red rose petals all over the statues--beautiful. I am happy for you:) You make me want to spirit my family away somewhere special this weekend and have this kind of family time.

    Also, I finally read your About Me--and I think we should be friends.:)

    1. Thank you, Erin! It really was so beautiful! The kids are all so sweet and it was a lot of them that went to town. I think we ended up being 5 families all together. So my boys had help. :) The weekends away with our family bible study are always such a gift and so rejuvenating. I wish this kind of thing for everyone. Community is so good <3 And You are the nicest! My about me page seems a little on the bare minimum side! lol I haven't changed it since I first started this little space years ago. That aside, I'd love to be friends. I've been a reader of yours for awhile (not always commenter) :) and I know we have friends in common too. I went to school with the Coles and was in DC while they and Randy were there too. ;)

  3. That looks like a fabulous time.

    1. It was, Gina! So needed to! Just time away from life. Not too far of a drive so we could make the most of our weekend away. Family and friend time. So good. <3


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