Sunday, May 31, 2015

embrace the ordinary // family


Linus. 2. A character, full of charisma, and charm.
Bigfoot. Almost 4. Full of smiles, snuggles, and sweetness.
These brothers. Love when family visits, rough play, and climbing on grandparents.


Bigfoot. Almost 4. Begs to be outside all day long and night/everyday, loves playing basketball with his daddy, grandpa, and uncle, and is impressively coordinated for an almost 4 year old.
Linus. 2. Likes to sing, play music on his new music box from GG, and is always content to play with his animal farm see and say.
These brothers. Family time is their favorite, throwing and catching big balls is always fun, and taking turns is a still a work in progress.
Lately we've been all about taking it easy, soaking up family and friend time when we can, and catching up on all the things we've gotten behind on with all the crazy Texas rain and the crazy busy month of April we had.

The month of May, aside from the overabundance of rain and now giant mosquitoes, has been so good to us! Now we're just hoping for more sunny days than the dark, dreary, stormy, wet ones we've been having and we'll be peachy (rather than madly stir-crazy!).

What was May like for y'all?


  1. Wet, wet, and wet. But your boys are adorable. We are still working on the turn taking over here as well.

    1. It's been so crazy, hasn't it? How did y'all fare? And yes, turn-taking and sharing is quite the process.

  2. What precious moments that slip by all too quickly! I'm sure you're glad you have these photos of such moments.

    1. Thank you :) I love knowing I'll be able to come back to this when they're older!

  3. I'm still having a hard time getting used to all the rough-housing that comes with boys!
    Hope June is a sunnier month for you!


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