Saturday, December 12, 2015

liturgical living // St. Nicholas

Despite having taken it easy these past weeks of life, I and my dear husband were able to swing some sweetness for the Feast of St. Nicholas. 

This wonderful saint's feast day has easily become a favorite in our home and definitely a part of our family traditions having celebrated him one way or another these last two to three years.

Special times these are! Planting our sweet little seeds of faith and love and goodness for our family couldn't make me more happy!
Since we've been nudged into a very simple Advent season, and some Halloween candy leftovers were our friend.

We got the boys two new books each, left out our little dvd from last year as well as one of our St. Nicholas reads that they received last year too.

Shoes were left out and the boys were excited for morning.

My youngest just adores all things dragon related. He honestly runs around the house in his dragon attire at least once a day baring his "claws" and breathing fire. Sometimes he's the nice gentle dragon that St. George managed to tame and other times he's the ferocious dragon. As long as you don't call him by his actual name during these one-acts, you're in the clear and will survive the dragon's wrath.
Two new dragon books and two new faith/celebration of Christ's books were unwrapped and enjoyed throughout the day.

Candy was the first thing to touch their lips this morning and you could just feel the sheer joy from this sweet happening.
Daddy made us all a delicious breakfast and made a quick donut run...because feasting and all.

For the most part, we took it easy and the boys got to enjoy some of their favorite things on a beautiful day.

Our Mr. Outdoorsy/Sport-loving/filled to the brim with energy child got to have some fun outside with daddy, which was such a treat! They haven't been able to play outdoors together in awhile with the light being gone by the time daddy gets home and the yucky rainy weather we've had on and off these last weeks.
While my little artist/book worm/creative got to have some alone time drawing on his LeapFrog. 
It was a good day of feasting, learning more about our faith and one of it's defenders, and family.

Little by little, liturgical rhythm finds it's way into our homes and hearts and I am just loving it!

“The giver of every good and perfect gift has called upon us to mimic Gods giving, by grace, through faith, and this is not of ourselves.” 
~St. Nicholas of Myra

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