Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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Day 1 and half of day 2, I was racking up my iPhone pictures. Why? You may be wondering since my hubby recently got me a sweet little gift in the form of a fancy camera that she has yet to figure out how to use well. Well, because this novice forgot to check her camera battery (0%, since she left it on ON the last time she used it... *face palm*).

Oh well. My iPhone does a pretty good job, especially for the day-to-day moments. So, let me start sharing about how Day 2 went (since Day 1 was mostly driving with a few hours of beach upon arrival).

Day 2 was pretty easy going. We had a slow morning with a yummy breakfast made by Nana. My Brother and Erin got there and we all feasted on Nana's amazing chorizo tacos! Good food was had by all. Thanks, Nana!

After breakfast, we made our way over to do some browsing at the oodles of beach shops. This is kind of a must while at the beach. Even though, all the items are always the same: iron-on shirts, beach balls, boogie boards galore, beach towels, souvenirs to your delight, etc. etc. etc. It's because the items are always the same that walking into these stores always brings on a childhood nostalgia that is so sweet. Even if you are walking into a huge, freaky, looking shark mouth.

After some browsing in the crazy heat, we made our way to Dirty Al's Seafood Restaurant. This place has THE BEST seafood on the island! If you are ever at South Padre Island, TX, do yourself a favor, and go enjoy this tastebud party! All that you are will thank you for it, I promise.

Once we stuffed our faces full of tummy goodness we debated on whether or not we should go to the mainland to this little aquarium for kids called Sea Life Center. A friend of my mother's had mentioned it to her. We figured, now or never. The boys were doing so well, and even though nap time was approaching, we decided to make more memories and let the boys sleep on the drive back.
This little place is quaint, but that's the whole point! It's perfect for young ones to look around and even touch some sea life. You can also get tickets to go on the dolphin watch here. I've been a number of times before and loved it, but it would have eaten out a chunk of our day had we gone. Maybe next time.
Eye-level aquariums!
Linus was excited.
And, so was Bigfoot. 
Here was the little open aquarium that allowed for little to touch sea-stars and hermit crabs.
There were blow-fish in this tub. No touching this round.
On a hot day, who doesn't love a huge box fan?? Linus was definitely a fan of being wind-blown.
After we had our fill at the Sea Life Center we walked down to Pirates Landing Fishing Pier. This was short-lived since it was so hot, but beautiful nonetheless. You should check out the link, they have much better pictures and a live webcam!
On our way to the Pier we came across this pirate man. Bigfoot wasn't sure what to think of him. I don't blame him.
Here's a pic of my Brother and Erin. Guess my brother already knew the guy? Wierdo...
Down at the Pier, sleepy-time started making it's presence known on faces, but we snuck in some pictures anywho.
Papa, the photo-bomber! Haha. This was the best picture we got of our little family. Maybe even the whole trip? I don't remember.
All in all, a good day. Bigfoot knocked out on the trip back to the condo; his little power nap before we all headed back down to the beach for some more fun
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