Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This Sweet Face

This sweet face is 7 months (and counting)! Lots of new and fun things this month. Linus' personality just keeps on keeping on!
Your smile still melts the hearts of many. Thank you for sharing, sweet boy!

You are getting up on all fours and rocking.

You also love to chat.

You still are not the best of travelers, but did better this time around than you have on previous trips.

You roll ev-ery-where!

You've been army-crawling backwards and are on the cusp of moving forward.

You've been a major droolby-bot. I'm thinking you'll be cutting teeth in a matter of days.

You adore your Dada and brother. You go to them and always keep your eye on them ready to play.
You went to the beach and were pretty chill. Mama shared about our fun times here, here, here, here and here.

Spent lots of time with Nana and Papa Ram and briefly got to see Papa Wooley and Nonna.

You met the family on Papa Wooley's side!

You also got to see your great-grandma's!

You met Special K!

You seem to enjoy your sleep routine much more lately. As soon as I start singing The Servant Song you nuzzle into me and ease your way to your sleepy place. It's sweet.

You are at that age where you go to everyone and are just as happy as can be. Your big brother never experienced a clingy stage with mama, I'm praying you'll go down that route too. So far so fun! If you do get the need to be close to mama, we won't blame you. She is pretty sweet.

You are as ticklish as can be.

You are a master-nurser. 2-5 minutes and you are good to go! Still nursing through the night but we're getting better at getting some sleep now that we are co-sleeping.

For the most part, I'm pretty sure you wake during the night because you just love spending time with me and rather I'd spend time with you than with my friend sleep. Typically, you sleep in your pack-n-play from 9-11:30/12, nurse, then are back in your pack-n-play or in bed with me till the morn nursing anywhere from 1-3 times throughout. We're making progress. Slowly but surely.

On the bright side, you wake up as happy as can be every morning, which is such a gift (Mama needs to take note!).

Sweet Linus, I love you more and more each day. Even though I feel sleep-deprived a good majority of the time, you sure help my fuzzy brain snap out of it with your gloriously happy face and contagiously wonderful baby giggle.

Thank you for loving us in your little baby way. And, thank you Lord for sharing such a sweet and perfect life with little me.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Becca! Hope to see you soon at GND! It's been way too long since I've been!

  2. He is adorable! And it is so true that their giggles and love cut through any kind of haze - definitely brings me back to the present moment every time.

    1. Thank you! The present moment is such a good place to be but I so forget that, what feels like, always!

  3. My goodness - reading this just makes me feel so good. Your love for God just radiates!!! Arms up to the boss above!

    1. Sil! Thank you! It's been so long! Hope you are wonderful! *hugs*


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