Thursday, September 5, 2013

{PHFR}: Beach Friday

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Get ready, because I am about to bombard you with oodles of goodness captured on our Friday evening this past week. And if you missed any other photo-happiness check out this, this, and this post.


While at the island, we had to soak up as much beach-time as we could get! Remember, this is my happy place! (Or, at least, it is one of a few!) And when it comes to this blog, if we take a vacay, you can guarantee that we will have a photo cascade for a few days. Don't say you weren't warned! Even moreso since I have my new toy (camera). So, now that little blurb is out of the way, onto our last day at the beach!


On Friday, my poor dad had to drive back home to work (Boo!). BUT, he was able to get off early afternoon, in which he hurried back to enjoy our last day at the island. So, Friday morning, my mom took Bigfoot out to breakfast and we took it easy till the sun went down that way we weren't all out during peak sun hours.

Meanwhile, my brother and Erin went paddle-boarding. How cool is that?? Some day it would be awesome to give this a go. Some day, that is, when my body is in a little better shape and I've accustomed my Vitamin D deprived self of a little more than normal sunshine. Till that day, I'm glad to report that they survived and had an awesome time. 

Okay, now onto the photo-happiness I mentioned above...


My Mama! She is so pretty! Evidence of the prettiness in these two pictures below.
Naturally, the boys are not looking at the camera. I'm sure you can imagine me squawking to no end to get their attention.

Beach experiences are never official till you've been buried! Bigfoot didn't know what to think of it at first. And he kept his hands up and out to the side the majority of the time. Obviously, my dad and brother were thoroughly enjoying burying the little guy. And, towards the end he started having fun with it too. That is, until he tried to get out. Poor thing could not move without assistance. But, I just love the fun moment caught of these three!
I think Bigfoot is happiest when he is running. I'll add this to the Theme Thursday over at Clan Donaldson. The theme is Recess. For us, we had a couple days of recess while at the beach. I always loved recess and look forward to more recess fun the rest of our lives!

This little boy and his tongue! It's everywhere! All the time! But it is oh-so-cute! And we love him for it!
Another Linus tongue siting! And, evidence that I was also at the beach. Thanks, Mom and Erin for grabbing a few shots of me!
This wonderful man had some trouble with our kite to start, but was so determined on untangling a whole heap of kite-string mess! He told me he knew that Bigfoot would enjoy the kite for only a few minutes, but it would be worth it. Meanwhile, I was pleading with him to just drop it and enjoy the water (I'm real thoughful.) I put this under funny only because it would be our kite that would end up a mess, and untangling it really did take a long time to be enjoyed for a whopping 5 minutes at most.
In the end, GeekMan was right. It was worth it to see Bigfoot's face light up. He had been on a kite kick recently thanks to Curious George. In the end, the kite was flown, the boy was happy, and his Daddy was amazing.
This awesome moment brought to you by Uncle Godfather. He wanted the seagull to eat it from his hand and the seagull obliged! The beak caught a little more finger than he would have liked but the seagull was fed, we had some laughs, Bigfoot loved it, and...
we had a lot more laughs! Both him and Erin got some bird-poo! I didn't get a picture of Erin, but she got a little poo on her foot. But, thankfully I caught this wonderful face along with the little gift that the seagull wanted him to have.


“Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.”
--St Augustine
I love seeing the love these two have for each other!
And I love the love that their Papa has for them and us!
The love their Nana has for them and us makes my heart happy too!
The day that I became a Mama, I never knew how much love I could feel from such a small hand. I love when Bigfoot holds my hand, and I love our little family so much too!
This man loves his boys and myself in such a special way. Such a gift!
All the love we share is so real and so good! So many beautiful blessings were had the few days we were there that were so nourishing. We could not have asked for more.

Next post will be filled with pictures from the time we had with extended family and my mom's birthday. Get excited! And, thanks for stopping by!


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