Friday, September 20, 2013

3-2-1: Love

3 things you would rather be doing right now
:: Reading. I'd love to have some nice coffee shop reading with some old classic jazz playing in the background with a delicious cup o' joe in my hand.
:: Would love for the rain to hit our area again so that we could just go outside and get soaked. Walk around. Dance around. And just let the water hit.
:: I would also love for that rain to come back and get in an awesome nap wrapped in a cozy blanket. 
2 people you would like to meet in heaven (and God is a given – we all get to meet Him!)
:: I want to see my grandparents again. I miss them.
:: Our Lady
1 thing you would like to be known for
:: I would love to be known for my love of our Lord and Lady. If I could just figure out how to best love them I know that love would pour fourth onto my family, friends, loved ones, and all who I met - sharing with them nothing but His Goodness, Joy, and Love. (Totally failing at this more often than not as of late.)

Head over to Cristina's at Filling my Prayer Closet to see more 3-2-1 fun. :)  And, thank you Jenny at Suscipio, for this sweet and simple link-up for my sleepy-mom brain!

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