Thursday, May 31, 2012

Always remember

There are two mothers that I spent quite a bit of time remembering on this past Mother's day. These two mothers have been instrumental in my life and my husband's life. They have loved us. They have laughed and smiled with us. Their kisses and hugs will always be in our memory. They are special for so many reasons and I'll try to capture their spirits that will forever live long in our hearts.


First, I will write about my husband's grandmother. She passed away this past year. I wrote about our trip to see her before and after she passed here and here. In the last posts, I failed to spend time writing about the woman that she was. The gifts that she shared with our little family. And so, I wanted to take the time to do that now, so that we can have this to remember in the years to come.

Great-grandma Delia was beautiful. She had soft skin and very pretty long nails that she always kept good care of. If I could pick a word to describe her, I would choose feisty. Little one, she was! She had a way to get on to your father. But no matter how many times she got on to him for this or that, the love she had for him was huge. It was beautiful. It's a love that she had for you, and for me, and for her family. Great-grandma Delia had a hard life growing up. And, I know she had her challenges even as a mother herself. But know, in her later years, things changed. Her stubbornness never left her, nor did her feistyness, but as the years passed she grew closer to those who meant the most to her in a wonderful way, including our Lord.

She worked her heart out till just a few months before she left us. She was such a hard worker all her life! Those that met her at her work were like family to her. She volunteered at a hospital and had many that fell in love with her there too, but the work she loved was her work at the local BINGO. She was a woman of spunk and honesty. She was blunt and direct and stubborn as a rock. Even when cancer and other illnesses plagued her, she was solid. She didn't want you to worry. She was strong. So very strong.

But, a main reason that this woman is so special to me and our little family is because she bore Daddy's mama (your Nonna) in her womb. Through this wonderful woman, we have another amazing woman. We're so thankful for your Great-grandma for bringing your Nonna into the world who then brought your amazing Daddy into this world. You see, sweetheart, your great-grandma participated in God's Will to bring forth life, which lead to your Nonna, which lead to your Daddy, which now leads to you. Her impact on our little family should be forever remembered. As well as her amazing love. So, when you are older, we will talk about her. We will remember her. I hope you ask us questions so that we can sit and reminisce about the wonderful woman who was your Great-Grandma. We have good memories and can't wait to share them.


The next woman was my grandma. This Great-Grandma of yours passed away when mama was young. I was in the 8th grade. Cancer took her life too. Writing about your Great Grandma Ofelia is a little harder for me only because I know I loved her so much and felt her loss so greatly, but in that it was so long ago, my memory struggles. So, I will do my best to remember all the little things that stuck.

I loved her laugh. She loved to laugh. She would laugh so hard she would get silent and tears would stream her face while she was slightly hunched over. If you ever want to know what this looks like, watch your Nana laugh. I see G-G Ofelia's laugh in your Nana. It's wonderful to have that. I remember that G-G Ofelia had very soft skin too as does your Nana. There's something about grandmas and their soft skin! You feel it in their hugs. When they hold your hand. And, it's always warm and comforting. She had short hair that curled and her fingers were kinda stubby with a grip that was firm but loving.

G-G Ofelia made trips with your mama when she was little. She went to Disneyworld with us. And other places which just shows her adventurous nature. Your mama used to play with the skin on her elbow when she was little. Haha. Don't know why I did that, but I did, and even did it to your Nana (still do sometimes). I remember G-G Ofelia would always greet with a big, wet, kiss. I knew to expect them. They never grew old. Her home had an old feel to it. It was the home that your Great-Grandpa built from the ground up. Nana and all her brothers and sisters grew up there. She was a woman of faith and I can only assume that she had a devotion to our Blessed Mother since she gave all her daughter's the name of Maria and then followed that with a unique middle name that they would each go by. Rather beautiful really. She would also do the sign of the cross on each child before bed time. Same as your Nana did to me, and same as I do to you. A sign of the cross so that our Lord will bless you and keep you while you sleep.

Cancer entered her life. Then it went into remission for awhile, before it came back to bring her to our Lord. She was strong too, my sweet. So strong. She smiled when her hair fell. She smiled when she felt ill. She didn't want us to worry. She wanted us to be happy and to love.

As we are grateful to Great-grandma Delia for bringing your Nonna into this world who brought Daddy here, we are just as grateful to Great-grandma Ofelia. She carried your Nana who then carried me, your mama. We're so thankful for the gift of life. The gift of family. Your G-G Ofelia had so much to give. She loved her husband so much as well as her kids and grand-kids. She blessed us and I know continues to pray for us in Heaven.


Both these women passed as peacefully as they possibly could. Family were with both of them. This past mother's day, I wanted to remember these two women who were both integral parts in our lives. These two women who shared such huge gifts. Their motherhood will always be remembered. It was so much bigger than they ever knew at the time. And, it will continue to grow as years pass.

I'm so thankful to have known both of these women. I miss them now, but am so overwhelmed with gratitude for the time that I had them in my life. I just pray that, when you are old enough, we will share the goodness of these two mothers and how they impacted our lives.

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