Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pinned it. Did it. And, I Heart Baby Ellie

Baby Ellie will soon be with us!!! With that, it's about stinkin' time I write this post!

We had a baby shower for D, Laura, and sweet Ellie in March. Everyone had a great time. Close couple friends of the new Daddy and Mama all got together and celebrated the new life that will soon be joining them. Bigfoot made an appearance and then went home to be with his Nonna who was visiting for the week. 

Beautiful couple below.
So, for this shower I thought I'd give some of my pins from Pinterest a go. I made gluten-free strawberry cupcakes (not the exact recipe, but close enough. The recipe used was from a book that is no longer with me.) with a sugary frosting made to look like these little baby faces. We used mini baby bottles since we could not find any cute pacifiers that would work.
Also, I had been wanting to give these adorable yarn letters a go, and Laura and D having baby Ellie finally gave me the chance! I was so excited!

Started off by going to Hobby Lobby and buying some paper mache letters, yellow yarn, ribbon, and cute little rose barrettes for baby Ellie.
Began the yarn journey with the L so I could get the hang of twining the letters. Once I got into a rhythm I was good to go. My fingers may have thought otherwise, but well worth it!
I looped the ribbon that I chose from the huge selection they have at Hobby Lobby, and looped it  through the yarn on the back side where I just tied a knot. I then added the cute barrettes in random places on the letters. The great thing about these yarn letters is that they make great barrette holders for baby girls!
Here are the finished product! We hung them up on our friend, Angie's, mantel. They were super cute! And, I love how they hold barrettes!
A sweet and easy enough gift to give to a friend or make for yourself. Thankful for Crazy Domestic for sharing her craftiness! Also, thank you to Joy the Baker for sharing her gluten-free awesomeness. The cupcakes were definitely a hit!

Now that I've finally shared these fun pins, hopefully sweet baby Ellie will decide to make her way into her Daddy and Mama's arms asap! We're all so excited for her to bless us with her presence! Will be praying for the J family and thankful for all the girls (Mel, I think you were outside for this one! Sad, I didn't get all five of us in here. Just know you're supposed to be included in this one!) in the picture below.
 Love y'all so much!!! ><

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