Friday, July 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday: Two link-ups in one week!

Who am ?! Well, definitely not a linker-upper. That is, until this week! I'm very new to link-ups, but I'm so glad I'm doing it because I have wanted to get more involved in the amazing blogging community that is out there. It's exciting to be able to become more apart of a network of amazing women that are beautiful and inspiring. So, YAY ME, for taking some steps to join the awesomeness and hopefully make some new friends along the way.
I need sleep. Sleep and I have always been amazing friends. That is, up until I had my first son. But, he kind of eased me in to things. He was a great sleeper. He was regularly sleeping 7 to 9 hours by 4 months. And, we exclusively breastfed! So, even though that was a tough time, it was manageable. Now, fast forward to sweet child numero dos, and we have a completely different story. I've convinced myself the little guy does not want me and sleep to continue our friendship.

Like I said before, sleep and I were always great friends, then firstborn happened. Our friendship was rocky, but we got through it. Now that second born is here, our friendship has been squashed. I still have hope that some day we will reconcile, but I just have to come to terms that it will not be any time soon.

God give me the grace to learn to function better as a mama zombie and all will be well in this household. Till then, I miss my dear friend.
I drink coffee. To help with the pain of losing my friendship with sleep. This helps. Mostly. But, it can be tricky since we are also exclusively nursing and I just don't know sometimes if it is that one cup of coffee that is giving my child fussy sleep. So, my limit is one. Maybe one and half if I accidentally pour a little more on those really sleepless nights. Or maybe, more like two cups? But that's it!
I really enjoy coffee. It's always been such a sweet time for me. Drinking a cup is just so relaxing. It's happy. It's delicious and all things homey. Drinking a cup over some girl chat with dear friends is also a favorite.

But, when a gnat decides they are going to crash my precious cup of coffee, I stare at the mean thing and wonder how could it possibly try and ruin my sweet time that I enjoy so much. Gnat's are rude, but the one that just landed in my cup of coffee (literally just moments ago) just took rude to a whole new level that I am not okay with.
Both boys are sleeping right now. Which is giving me time to write these really quick, quick takes. God bless them for giving me a few moments to just ramble and drink my cup of coffee (I took the gnat out and am still drinking it. Call me gross, but after last night coffee is more of a necessity, and I am in no shape to make another pot.)

Fingers crossed I can sneak in a shower once I finish up with these quick takes. My in-laws are coming to stay with us tonight and I'd rather them not see me in the I-haven't-showered-today (or maybe even yesterday either) mode.
Speaking of my in-laws, they are coming in town for an awesome event. We are baptizing sweet Linus, who needs to learn to sleep better at night! My precious baby will be joining our amazing Faith in such a beautiful way tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! Who knows, maybe all the graces from the baptism will help our sweet sleep more peacefully?

But really, when we baptized Bigfoot, I cried because it was so exciting! So real, beautiful, and all things wonderful! Thank you Lord for the beautiful journey of faith our little Linus is about to embark on and for Your amazing embrace!
So, not only do I need to shower but I also have a list of to-do's I need to get done before tomorrow at 3 pm. I know I can do it. I just pray I can do so with a lot less of the crazy and a lot more of the joyfully/gracefully.

Mary, Mother of our precious Lord, be a mother to me now. Amen!

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