Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cowboy Capital of the World - Part 3 of 3

Pool time! I'm telling you, we spent hours in the pool and poolside. I absolutely soaked every moment. I basked. I was present. It was grand. I really do love being in the water! I love seeing my boys enjoy the water too! And, since we had a Papa, a Nonna, Uncle A, and Rebekah, I was able to soak up lots of sun and swim time not only with my boys but by myself too. It was great! I felt so spoiled! Being able to just dive, swim, float, play, was so much fun (and needed for my soul if that makes any sense).

Here's a picture of GeekMan and Bigfoot. Joseph loves the water! He played and swam as often as we would let him. He was working on his kicking, blowing bubbles, and some floating. Overall, the little man did awesome! He was blowing bubbles like a champ and naturally was even better at kicking up a splash.
 Eli got in on the fun too. Not as often as Joseph but he did have his fair share on both days. He seemed fairly indifferent for the most part, but I'm guessing it was because the water made him sleepy. He mostly had this entranced look on his face. Regardless, he had his first pool time experience and that is exciting.
 I love this picture of Papa Wooley. There's another picture that was taken below that is one of my absolute favorites.
 We went swimming on Sunday after Mass and late in the evening. In between our pool time we took a tour of the grounds and were able to see the lot my in-laws are seriously considering once they retire. It was a beautiful piece of land. The picture below is how Eli spends most of his time in the car seat while traveling.
 This next picture is how I wish he spent the majority of his time in the van while traveling. One can only hope. This poor boy, as sweet as he is, definitely belts a crazy, loud, piercing cry during our travels. It's heartbreaking and exhausting. It makes me crazy in a matter of seconds because I know it's only going to be seconds before the crying gets extremely out of hand, but it also makes me pray like I've never prayed before because traveling with crazy crying can be dangerous! All saints are frequented during any trip we take. Pretty sure they know our sweet Eli pretty well at this point.  
 Fun picture of Papa Wooley, Nonna, and their grandsons.
 OoooooLalaaaaa! This stud is my husband.
 There I am encouraging Joseph to swim towards me. He gets pretty excited when there was a destination to arrive at. He really was fearless in the pool! It was great!
 Ah! I love this picture of Grandpa Wooley! After Eli had a good swim he drifted ever-so-sweetly off to sleep with his Papa. This picture makes my heart happy because I feel it captures the amazing love I know he has for, not only Eli, but Joseph too. This man is wonderful and these boys are so blessed to have him.
Joseph loved having his Nonna in the pool! They played ring-around-the-rosies again, and again, and again...and again... You get the picture. He's a toddler! Ring-around-the-rosies ended with being tossed up into the air to fall down into a huge splash. He loved it. Therefore, it must happen as many times as Nonna's arms can tolerate. The smile below is one of many that he shared while playing with his Nonna.
 Here's another sweet picture of my love and his son. Eli drifted off with him too. He was pretty worn out from his pool time. Sleepy/sleeping babies are just the sweetest (especially at night, but we aren't there yet).
 Aside from pool time, Bigfoot laid out his big prints running all over the place. If we would give him any space the boy was running. 
 This picture below was taken a-ga-gillion times since toddlers just don't sit still.
 After a great evening of swimming, eating, and playing we went indoors to hang out. Papa and Nonna watched the boys while this Mama beat Mr. GeekMan at pool. Yup. I did! It's just how I do. I won. And, it was great! Because, when it all comes down to it, I can be very competitive, especially when it includes games and my husband. I must also mention that my GeekMan is very good at most all board games (Translation: I don't normally win) and so I will gladly gloat about any win I can get under my belt. I won. 
Thank you Papa, Nonna, Uncle A, and Rebekah for a wonderful weekend! We enjoyed every moment and were so glad that the boys were able to enjoy all of you! Bandera is wonderful and we were pleasantly surprised by how lovely it was. Look forward to our next trip!

(Posting daily this week for the 7 Posts in 7 Days Challenge and we are already half way through the week! Get on over to Jen at Conversion Diary to find others doing the same!)

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