Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Recap: August Happiness

It seems to me that the happiness of a soul consists entirely in conforming to the most adorable Will of God; for in so doing the heart finds peace and the spirit joy and repose, since he "who is joined to the Lord in one spirit" with Him. (1 Cor. 6:17).
-St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
Happiness has been...
This sweet boy. He wakes up from bedtime and naptime with the sweetest smile.
The goodness of Edel has continued to bless our little home.
Weekend breakfasts of yummy goodness at home.
Snack time after naptime.
This face always seeking to explore and has had a bountiful amount of time to do so.
This smile always wanting to be near, but also up for some good play time.
Sunshine and playground time. Daily.
Adventure and new feats.
Rocks, slides, and brotherhood.
The look of accomplishment. Time and time again. Feat after new feat.
Swings and a summer pace that has been good for our souls.
Rough and tumble time with Dada. Lunches at home with Dada. Family dinners together. Reading time. All the time that we get to have with Dada.
Snack time for mama during naps and coffee. Coffee. COFFEE. Happiness in a cup.
Card-making. My new little hobby that I'm absolutely loving! And, Bekah's birthday (Love you!).
Mass. These boys. These brothers. They've been doing so well! August has seen quite the improvement in the Mass-time behavior department.
I love being with them. So very much. They fill me. Happiness is all the time I get to share with them in love.
Little moments to clean, pray, and enjoy our little home.
Scripture and His Goodness for us. He has been so good to us this month. There's been a beautiful rhythm that only He could share. So much time and a sweet togetherness.
Playtime in the tent. The tent brings out the crazies in the boys, but at least it's a happy crazy.
Pool time!
We had so much pool time this month! Family pool time and friend pool time!
Our (mostly) daily walks with our neighbors and getting to see this beautiful black swan and friends has been such a gift.
This michelada was deliciouso!
This boy and his Cookie Monster eating habits.
Sticks and branches. Dirt and grass.
The first flower Linus ever gave to me.
This maple-bacon upside down cake from Shower of Roses. Uhhhh-Mazing!!!!!!!!!!!
No-nap-time crazies and smiles. The extra snuggles makes it a happy time.
Nature hunt. Bugs. Outdoor treasures. The sun. The sounds. The smells. All of it.
Key-lime pie and sharing food with friends and family.
These people. The love, support, encouragement, friendship, and goodness are so very nourishing.
New car seat!
Clouds, sunny days, trees, and leaves. Playdates, fun, friends, and dinners.
All the time to bake. Ahhhh..I love baking and sharing the sweet goodness is the cherry on top for me.
Time with Uncle Godfather and Erin. Game night that followed and all the laughter and fun!
Two forward facing monkeys. Linus really was more excited than he looks while Bigfoot can't get over the fact that he has two whole cup-holders.
Crock-pot dinners that turn out to be so delcious! Yay!
Lots and lots of card-making and my mom's birthday (Love you, mom!! XOXO)!
These brothers and how they love each other through togetherness.
Their relationship has been flourishing this month. It's beautiful. Very beautiful.
Cotton-candy grapes! They are a thing! And, they are wonderful. The smell and taste like cotton-candy and have you feeling like your at a carnival. All kinds of happy, I tell you!
His love for reading. Books, books, and more books. Mixed with lots of time with music, dancing, and singing.
Aggie football season has started! WH05P!!!
Getting to share our home with family. Hosting makes me happy. Sharing food and home make me happy. Family visiting makes me happy.
Seeing the boys with family is such a joy. They light up. It's beautiful. Getting to celebrate two birthdays was such a treat too!
These three are my happy and the good Lord who shared them with me. So thankful and blessed!

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  1. Oh, I have so many comments, Amanda! First, thanks for linking up! I loved seeing your August in photos!
    Ok, here are all my thoughts : love St. Margaret Mary and that quote * love the first shot of your son in front of the window and his turtle pj's (think they're pj's ;) ) * what a beautiful print of the Holy Family! * your handmade cards are simply lovely! * michelada??? I googled that right away and will not rest easy until I try this new concoction... * this is the second bacon cake I've heard of recently, might have to try this also :) * limes always make for pretty pictures! * Your boys are so sweet!!! I especially love the picture of them doing puzzles - one of my great parenting joys is seeing siblings share love and fun!
    Thanks again for linking up!

    1. Yay! So glad I could join you! I loved this recap! And, I just love the Saints! I really think you should make the bacon cake asap! I got the recipe from Jessica at Shower of Roses and am forever grateful for the amazingness that is this cake! Also, keep in mind, not all michelada's are created equal! But, when you find a yummy one they are fantastic! Thanks for stopping by and for the link-up! I hope to email you soon! I've been wanting to share about a camp here in Texas that I staffed while in college. It a two week camp for diabetic children and was so very wonderful. I'm still a fairly new reader of yours but I think one of your boys has Type 1 diabetes? Anywho, will email soon! :)

    2. Please do email me! I was just thinking about diabetes camps the other day - I'd love to hear about it and will probably have lots of questions for you :)
      I think I may try and save the bacon cake for my husband's birthday next month - if I can wait that long...
      Finally, I looked in our grocery store for the cotton candy grapes but I can't seem to find them. I'm sure if I could only get my hand on a bag I would have found the perfect healthy bribery snack for my kids! (who are we kidding, I'd eat them too!)

    3. His birthday is Friday! I'm making the cake :) I'll let you know how it turns out!


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