Sunday, September 14, 2014

Embrace the Ordinary: Days of Crazy

Many a time has been spent on my bed this past week and will probably continue to do so till I am able to get in with a neurosurgeon to figure out a treatment plan for my back. 
My MRI came in and I apparently have two bulging discs in my lower back. Translation: Ow mixed in with slow movements, lots of medicine, and a mess of a time trying to get in with a neurosurgeon to further diagnose my situation as well as figure out a treatment plan. 

On the bright side, slow movements was mentioned in the paragraph above. Last weekend, I could not sit, stand, lay, or anything else under the sun without feeling crippling pain. It was pretty awful for a number of reasons. But, I'll take being able to walk around, sitting for short whiles, and laying fairly comfortably over what I was experiencing last weekend, any day! 

This non-ordinary situation has become our ordinary. The boys have watched more than their fair share of Shaun the Sheep, Umi Zoomi, and Sesame Street, but have been coping along with us as well as they can. Bigfoot often checks in with me to see if my back is better and little Linus walks around as if it's just another fun day o' life filled with silliness and giggles (which is good for me). My husband has been my Superman. From lifting me and helping me do all the things that involve getting from point A to B, to preparing meals for us, driving us to doctor appointment after another, bathing the boys, putting them to bed and so much more. He has done so beautifully, and for the sacrifice that he has lovingly embraced daily throughout this week, I am forever grateful.

I'm praying we are able to get in with a neurosurgeon to figure out the next step and to further understand the mess that is my spine right now within the next week or two. And, would love your prayers for that too because waiting around with this pain while on so many random medications is not. my. thang.

Embracing this injury has been a tough one for me. I appreciate all of your prayers more than you know. I do have tidbits of hope mixed with way too many anxieties about what this injury means for me today and for our future, but I'm trying to trust Him better through this trial. I'm trying to embrace His Good and Perfect Will He has for me and our family. I'm really trying. But, admittedly, it's been hard.

So, thank you for your prayers. I can't say that enough! They have been felt. We have had good days, moments, and memories through it all, which is a grace. A good grace that keeps me hopeful.
Nana's job brought her to us for an overnight stay that was such a gift! She helped so much! Can't wait till next time, mom!
Random shot of my head and the beautiful blue sky my toddler shot. Love the sun and the sky!
Brother love.
A cold front, some high waters, basketball, and smiles.
Eli randomly conked out on Daddy's belly. I don't think he's too thrilled with the Cowboys this year.
My little lefty.
Another plus on the back pain department, I've practically lived in my new flowy sale purchase from a few weekends ago. Love it!
In all, I appreciate all the prayers from family and friends so very much! They have been the easiest to embrace during our ordinary days this whole last week. The prayers, phone calls, texts, emails, and kind gestures are what have blessed us with the grace to embrace our not so ordinary day-to-days of crazy.

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  1. Oh, Amanda! I'm so sorry to hear that you're in so much pain and might be facing surgery. I will definitely be praying for you!

  2. Gina, thank you thank you thank you for your prayers! Thankfully I am doing so much better from last weekend with the help of a lot of rest and medication. It seems inflammation was a huge contributor to my pain so now that that has gone down I am much more mobile! We are praying that physical therapy or another non-invasive approach will help me heal. Surgery, right now, is our very last resort. Will update once I am able to get an appt with a nuerosurgeon (so much harder than it should be!).

  3. Oh dear, I hope things get better with your back soon! My dad had several back surgeries and it was never fun dealing with his recoveries :(

    1. Aw, thanks Rosie. Yes, we are definitely trying to avoid surgery and keep it as a very last resort. Praying this treatment plan does the trick and gets me stronger than before.


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